Half man, half bear, half pig. a.k.a MBP
Watch out! Manbearpig is going to eat you!
by Victoria M. April 29, 2006
A creature created in an Episode of South Park by Al Gore to get attention. He is "half man, half bear, and half pig" making him not only an improper faction, but a mathematical impossibility. ManBearPig is actually a symbol of Global Warming, in that it seems Al Gore is the only one who is positivly sure of its existance and the other characters just think he's being silly.
"I'm here today to talk to you about the single biggest threat to our planet. I'm talking of course about... ManBearPig"
by Cory Page August 23, 2007
A creature which is half man, half bear, and half pig. A figment of Al Gore's imagination, it is the single most dangerous threat to our planet, and we are thuper thuper therial.
Where there is loss there is hope, for I have beaten ManBearPig.

by Michael Speziale August 06, 2007
Half man. Half bear. Half pig. A really super scary threat to Earth. For serial.
Manbearpig is coming to get you. He will. For serial.

Al Gore will save you from Manbearpig... maybe. (South Park reference)
by Mo Beadz April 29, 2006
He's half man, half bear, half pig. And he's out to get you. For serial.
"Can you kids make it to an emergency manbearpig meeting tomorrow?"
by Patrick Carr April 27, 2006
A beast that is half man, half bear, and half pig.
I'm super serial about the existence of the manbearpig.
by s_o_a_d April 29, 2006
Manbear pig is a terrible beast that Al gore warned us all about but we wouldn't take him "serial". He tried to attack tourists in Colorado Spring's Cave of the Winds but Al Gore vanquished him. He is planning on making a movie about him and MBP so people will take him "super serial"
First it was GLobal Warning now its Manbearpig, he's just trying to spead awareness people.
by Chodey McChode April 27, 2006
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