Half man Half bear Half pig. then you get man bear pig, also know as al gore
haha i watched that movie with al gore, what a man bear pig
by SkaterBoy September 26, 2007
al gore being super cereal or serial that half man ,half bear , half pig creature exists and attacks people in south park where they say al gore has no freinds and wants atttention XD! MBP !!
man bear pig from south park which al gore sayss it exists and no one belives him
by gPv16 March 20, 2010
One's ball, or testicular areas. Sometimes known as "cash and prizes."
Yo Getchyo girl off my "ManBearPigs" brah!
by Arun Sharma November 22, 2008
1/2 Man 1/2 Bear 1/2 Pig....Any girl that you get with when your drunk that is below your friends standards is a MBP (ManBearPig AKA ManBear)

See manbearpig hunter(Drew,Nessler,Nardi) for a better definition of what happens to the MBPs
1. Nard jumped on a grenade last night...god damn was she a ManBearPig
2. I was huntin at the rugby house and fingerblasted some ManBearPig last night after the big win against East Stroudsberg(93-7)
3. Sam Rizzo only gets with ManBearPigs
by king of the pigs April 20, 2009
a being of awsomeness that is pushed around by Al Gore. he is currently living in a 5 bedroom house with sasquatch and the beastie boys. hopes to be president in the 2016 election. he may not know it but he is our only hope of ending the war. i mean c'mon, he could friggin take out 9000 terrorist in like 3 minutes.
manbearpig, a leader, a loner, a beast of pure awsomeness!
by cerealinator September 14, 2008
HALF Man, HALF Bear and HALF Pig. (MBP)
ManBearPig is a mamal created by Al Gore the last American Vice President. MBP is explained as the "single biggest threat to our planet." MBP is known as the creature that "roams the earth alone." People suggest that MBP is not real, but Al Gore says "MBP is very real and I'm serial." MBP has large hooves where humans feet should be. Al Gore believes to have spotted MBP in a tourist attraction known as "Cave of the Winds" Located in South Park, Colorado. MBP dropings are similar to pig droppings...but more manbear like. MBP also smells like salfur of salmon like odors.
Half man half bear and half pig
"ManBearPig is very real and I'm super serial."
by Ben Caruso September 27, 2007
1/2 man 1/2 bear 1/2 pig
al gore: hi, im al gore and i'm here to raise awareness of manbearpig
by troymusefan April 25, 2007

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