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1) like stupid,
2) bad ass
can also be used when talking to friends,
it all depends when and how you use it
(used mostly by Central Americans)
1)no sea maje man
don't be stupid man

2) el es un maje
he is a badass

que onda maje
(whatz up fool)
by whatever no1 cares March 17, 2008
Not to be confused with the costarrican mae. Maje is a word vastly used in Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua and it basically stands for "Dude" but can also be used in several contexts. It may also mean dumb or fool.
1. Qué ondas, maje? What´s up, dude?

2. No seas maje, maje! (don´t be a fool, dude! This is my favorite)
by joseinbcn April 04, 2011
Dude. Something you say to buddies in Central America, Costa Rica in particular. Pronounced rapidly as "ma-eh," and thus is often confused and spelled as mae.
English:"How's it going, maje?"
Spanish:"¿Como te vas, maje?"
by yayoplaya October 25, 2005
A type of knife attack used mainly to show power from the user to the subject of the attack.

The knife is held loosely with the blade facing down, between the base of the thumb and next to the knuckle. It is then brought near the face of the subject and "flicked" at them, to give a light cut.

It will not do much damage but will show that the user could do a lot more to the subject.
the leader of a gang would use majes to some one that just entered the gang and screwed up in one way or another to get them back in line.
by jaceame April 02, 2011
Costarrican word similar in meaning to dunce, dummy, or idiot. Someone lacking mental dexterity. Not to be confused with the also Costarrican mae, which is equivalent to the American dude.
Mae, no seas tan maje!
Dude, don't be such an idiot!
by uavengineer April 12, 2007
Incredibly sexy person, who is perfect in every way :) Une petite putain de caresse
DAMN she's hot! *faints*
by SomeoneElse April 24, 2005
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