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1) French word: bitch, prostitute, whore.
2) Familiar french interjection: damn, 'damn it !'
1) Cette fille est une putain.
2) Putain !
2) Putain de merde, tu fais chier !
by Marianne January 18, 2004
1) Noun: - a prostitute. (literal)
- Bitch! (US) Cunt! (Brit.) (Pejorative)

2) Interjection: 'Putain (de bordel, de merde, etc)!' - 'Fuck it!' (US) or 'Fucking hell!' (Brit.)

3) Intensifying adjective: 'Cette putain de machine!' - 'This fucking machine!'

Often truncated to 'Pute!'
Putain de bordel! Cette pute de machine est niquée, merde!
by Kyle359 April 15, 2006
french word that we usually use in many different context. express happiness, disgust...
putain mais c'est trop cool!!!!
putain c'est la galère!!!
ce mec est putain de beau!!!
by s.l December 15, 2003
Weasel-faced ruler of Russia, currently having a temper tantrum against Ukraine. Pun on the French word "putain" = whore.
Putain is the reincarnated Tsar of Russia in modern garb.
by pentozali March 03, 2014
(Adj / Noun); French word for whore.

Le mot français pour putain.
So winston i heard you bought a whore last night.

Si winston j'ai entendu vous avez acheté un putain hier soir.
by timmy o'toole August 03, 2003
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