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whats up?
hey ese que onda . hey homeboy whats up
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
Spanish for "What's up".
Que ondas loco?
What's up man?
by C-Los January 30, 2004
Que onda is spelled "¿Qué onda?" and is slang in Spanish for "Whats up?"

This slang/greeting is mostly used in Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Guatemala and Chile.
1. "¿Che flaco, qué onda?" | "Hey man whats up?"

2. "¡Hola Felicia! ¿Qué onda? ¿todo bien?" | "Hey Felicia! Whats up? Is everything ok?"
#cómo te va #qué tal #que onda #whats up #hola #que pasa #como va #que haces #qué mas #que hubo #argentina #uruguay
by PabzCeleste November 11, 2014
A constellation of sixties hippie expressions which are still quite current. This is the standard hip youth greeting, as ubiquitous as "What's happening?"
(La/) que onda homeboy?....
by VAKI5 September 20, 2005
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