an italian gang that originated in sicily and is now mostly found in the new york tri-state area.they consider themselves to be a family and they have specific duties while in this family and specific places to be .they mug,murder. and have other wars with mafias.they are also highly respected. they originally immigrated from sicilly and went to new york citys upper east side some crimes they dont commit are mostly sex crimes and kidnapping,they do hold some people hostage.they do not commit crimes against children. grandfather was killed because he was in the mafia and he was constantly performing hits

2.this place is more crowded than a mafia funeral
by mizguidette May 11, 2010
Way better than gangsta.
me: Woah! Did you just see that mafia totally kick that gangsta's ass?

random guy: :0!
by DaRealFatty June 24, 2009
some badass mufuckas...the nigger gangs these days are a bunch of pussies wit guns that cant do shit witout it...and as for the wannabe polish and russian mafia...they cant compare to the real thing..there only one true mafia and thats the ITALIAN MAFIA....crazy mufuckas
look at those niggers and russian bitches tryin to gangbang like the original OG'S..the italian mafia!
by Lord Infamouss April 12, 2007
The Mafia or Cosa Nostra meaning "our thing" was originally a criminal gang that originated in Sicily until around WWII when the fascist government tried to wipe them out. Most of the members went incognito during the war or fled to America where they created what is today known generically as the "mafia" although technically this is just a genericised term but the true name would simply be "la cosa nostra americana".
Even though John Gotti was in the mafia and probably killed and or beat the shit out of 100's of people for some reason I still liked the guy.
by saharadryhumor February 21, 2015
adverb/ To employ the use of contacts, usually who are able to bend rules or pull strings.
A: You need to find a job
B: I don't even know how, I'm gonna have to look mafia
A: Yeah, do mafia
by the)comedians June 08, 2014
M others
A nd
F athers
I talian
A ssotiation
Italian boy asks his Dad "what does the NAACP stand for?"
Dad says "National Assotiation for the Advancment of Colored People"
Boy asks "Dad we're Italian who we got?"
Dad says "MAFIA the Mothers And Fathers Italian Assotiation"
by italiangod April 24, 2008
"Costra Nostra" or mafia as it has come to be known in America, originated in Sicilia, Italia. It was originally a way of protecting the Sicilians, from various things. The mafia protected the people from the many invaders it had on the small island. Also, when people could not go to the cops they went to the mafia for help, as shown in the opening scene of the Godfather. Italians never talk about the mafia ever, and never snitch on members of the mafia.
Because it originated in Sicilia, the mafia is a very sacred and holy thing. Alligence to the family is a sacred vow, like breaking one of the 10 Commandments, and if broken will break u, tu capisci?

o an no "costra nostra" does not have the "la" article in front u idiots, it is NEVER used with the article. the Feds added it and everyone else has followed.
Micheal Corleone in the Godfather is the Mafia

Don Corleone: Someday, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day accept this justice as gift on my daughter's wedding day.

Don Corleone: I never wanted this for you. I work my whole life - I don't apologize - to take care of my family, and I refused to be a fool, dancing on the string held by all those bigshots. I don't apologize - that's my life - but I thought that, that when it was your time, that you would be the one to hold the string. Senator Corleone; Governor Corleone. Well, it wasn't enough time, Michael. It wasn't enough time.
by FilippoG January 08, 2008
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