A fun card game requiring at least eight people and the more the merrier. One person is the Sheriff, another is the Doctor. At least one person is the Mafioso, though with more people, there can be more. Everyone else is a townsperson. Roles are chosen by card dealing. Another person, who does not actually play, is the Narrator. He runs the game.

The Narrator will tell everyone to go to sleep. Then he will tell the Mafioso to wake up and select a person to kill. The he tells the Mafioso the go to sleep.

Then he will tell the Doctor to wake up and select a person to save. If the Doctor selects the same person the Mafioso selected, the person lives. The he tells the Doctor the go to sleep.

Then he will tell the Sherrif to wake up and accuse a person of being the Mafioso. If he selects correctly, the Narrator will nod. The he tells the Sherrif the go to sleep.

The Narrator then tells everyone to wake up. If a person died during the night, the Narrator will say so.

Then the floor is open for accusations. Everyone but the dead can pick someone to accuse. If someone is accused, they then have the opportunity to defend themselves. The table then votes on whether or not to send them to the electric chair. If they do, that person is also dead, whether they are the Mafioso are not.

The game continues until all the Mafiosos are dead.
Me and my friends often play Mafia at birthday parties.
by LorgSkyegon November 07, 2004
Strictly Italians and they know business. None of these little hometown "gangs" and bullshit that think they're cool cuz they smoke shit and pick on other kids.learn your shit before you call yourselves a mafia!
stupid conformist who doesnt understand anything: "dude, the ridgway mafia is supposed to fight the st. marys mafia tonight"

really ticked off person b/c ppl dont understand that *mafia* is strictly Italian: "what the hell? we live in red neck central, PA. right next to wiggers town"
by Betsy April 20, 2005
The real mafia is from Sicily. It was started in thousands of years ago when people stuck together to fight off the frequent invaders form other areas of the world. The mafia was origionally sicilian and has been copied by many other nationalities but the biggest mafia presence in the world and America has and always will be the Italian Mafia.
dude the Italian mafia is the real mafia
by i don't like it March 12, 2006
La Cosa Nostra: A mythological organized crime syndicate invented by racist protestant feds to demonize Catholics and Italian Americans. Also used generically to refer to any race or nationality based organized crime syndicate.
Tommy's in the mafia you say? Listen here...There is no such thing as the mafia, but there is such as thing as accidentally falling down your stairs and landing back-of-the-head first on an errantly placed icepick... capice?

Vic and the strike team stole money from the Armenian mafia.
by Elias Creed April 26, 2007
A criminal syndicate typically engaged in drug trafficking, assassinations, prostitution, money laundering, gambling, and bullying of paranoid people for no apparent reason
I think I'm being followed by the mafia, because a guy from eastern Europe gave me a funny look the other day, when I was late for my therapy session.
by Risperdal June 29, 2011
the word Mafia was "coined" in a revolt that occurred after a French soldier raped a Palermo woman on her wedding day on Easter Monday 1282. A large group of Sicilian men retaliated and killed the French soldier. As the news of the retaliation spread around, other Sicilians grouped together in town after town killing thousands of French. The word Mafia" became the Sicilian’s battle cry, taken from the raped girl’s mother, who ran through the streets shouting "ma fia, ma fia", my daughter, my daughter.
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The organisation that controls the money in the world.
The mafia owns the casinos in Shreveport, like bling-bling
by Anonymous June 18, 2003

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