real gangstas!!!
not the every day chavs or bad boys u see
de real mafia was born in Sicily, de best island ever!!!
de proppa mafia city is Palermo, closely followed by a lil town called Canicattì, were rules dnt count, de law is never followed in Canicattì because its so small no1 cares lol
de old mayor was arrestedbcause he was involved with mafia followed by an arrest of loads and loads o arrests in the town
de real mafia IS from sicily... no were else!!!
by Pixielmo January 14, 2006
The Best, Richest, Gang in the world
The Don is the boss of the Mafia.
by Bob October 12, 2003
The largest crime organization in the world which demands the most respect and is ran by the Godfather. Not many really remember the Mafia, most think its gone, but the brotherhood keeps it alive. MFA.
Yo mafia, lets get jiggy with it
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
A Group of people mostly itillians (I am not racist I am full itillian) who use rackets to sell illegal services such as drugs, boose, prostition, and gambling. The mafia can also pay off cops and citizens. The Mafia has different status from dons and mob bosses to outsiders and assciotes. The mafia was at it's high point earlier in the 1900's. The Mafia would kill or "whack" someone who pays some threat to the family.
Good mafia movies Casino, Goodfellas, Godfather, Scarface, Heat
by Happy2nou:-) January 06, 2007
mafia is the term to an italian gang family, and are tuff like shit. they bascially mug, shoot, kill, threaten, ransom, smuggle, etc.
Mark: damn it man! i just got mugged by a mafia!

Bob: haha owned

Mark:why the fuck am i friends with u?
by Señor Pop November 07, 2009
refers to a type of organized crime, that originally came out of sicily. mafia stands for mothers and fathers italian organization. It was originally a brotherhood that was formed to protect from those who invaded sicily. In todays sense however, it refers to a crime syndicate, known for their violent and brutal acts of murder and extortion, and basically their involvment in any illegal activities.
Black man: "Yo, they be some bich ass suckers, them mafia"
Black man 2: "Fo sho, we gonna ride on them bitches 20 crip style"
Mafia bitch: "Pleasea Imma just a dirty sicilian, I just want to make my pasta".Source: Pooneriser, Apr 12, 2005. Pooneriser, shut the fuck up. U obviously don’t realize how fuckin dangerous these guys are. If u only knew what kinds of things these motherfuckers do. Im sure if u ever owed them money and didn’t pay them back, ur ass would get popped so fast ur head would fuckin spin. These guys aren’t ur stereotypical Italians. Whoever fuckin says that white boyz cant be gangsters is full of shit!they're way better criminals than u could ever b.
by suckmadick June 21, 2005
Polish Mafia Is Crazy Mother Fuckers they Pop and Chop people every day, once there even was a thing where the polish mafia fed a motherfucker to lions at the zoo, no fucking joke.
The Polish beat the shit out of the Russians in a mafia turf war. The Polish Own Chicago!
by Polish Pryde August 28, 2003
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