1. verb used when referring to when someone is being shafted for going against unspoken rules, such as a guy code.
vince: if chris even thinks about dating megan im going to have to mafia his ass. He will be dead to me.

chris: vince straight up mafiaed me for talking to megan we haven't talked in years.
by tessdog22 June 01, 2010
As an answer to everything I read about this word on this site I would like just to specificy the definition of this term: although it is not totally sure it is written on some books talking about this subject that the word mafia derives from the adjective MAFIUSA,MAFIUSEDDA, referring to a girl whose beauty is impertinent and ebollious.During the period before this word changed its meaning, it gave an idea of a girl with no shame of showing her beauty,sort of childish,juvenile disrispect to the others only because of this beauty.The word was used by adults to refer to a little girl as a sort of compliment, as well as we would refer now to a child like that one in the movie "Problem Child" to show we take a liking to him.Or it was used to refer to a teen girl by other men to express by this way a polite opinion about her remarkable beauty.From this term the word mafia derives,as beauty, or something beautiful that shows itself the same way this hypothetic girl does.
Did you see that girl ? She grew up so well.She became such a MAFIUSEDDA !

Or, referring to a little girl : who's this MAFIUSEDDA ?! (with the usual idiot smile on the face we always have when we wanna say something nice to a kid!)

From here the word MAFIA = BEAUTY
by FABER1 September 26, 2009
Though primary a term for Sicilian crime syndicates, it has also become a pejorative for the RIAA and MPAA due to what are perceived as shakedown or extortion tactics.
The MAFIA is going after BitTorrent tracker sites.
by ph08 July 10, 2008
An invention of the media, used to sully the name of Italian Americans] by portraying them as criminals, while drawing attention from the dirty Micks] who were the real criminals.
There is no Mafia], it’s just a vicious propaganda, that the press uses as a smear campaign] to badmouth Italians.
by Skinny Clemenza May 03, 2008
1)A secret terrorist organization in Sicily, operating since the early 19th century in opposition to legal authority.
2)A secret criminal organization of Italian origin operating in the United States and engaged in illegal activities such as gambling, drug-dealing, and prostitution.
3)Any of various similar criminal organizations, especially when dominated by members of the same nationality.
4)often mafia Informal. A tightly knit group of trusted associates, as of a political leader: “ He is one of the personal mafia that the chancellor brought with him to Bonn” (Christian Science Monitor).

the New Jersy and New York Mafias
by K8lyn Gentry July 03, 2006
Mothers and Fathers Italian Association
Originated in Sicily, as a way of protection, when a family went on vacation they would ask their friends to watch their houses etc. once brought to America they used mafia to describe organized crime. its not all just killing like the movies, its more of a close family that will do anything to protect their loved ones, and make some money doing it
the mafia, (only italian mafia because of what it means) all other types are just mobs!
now you know the truth
by Noto January 26, 2005
Parasites, much like politicians, personal trainers, movie and pop stars. All in all they receive a much better media image, but at heart remain as they were always were- vultures of society; thugs and petty criminals. I have more respect for mosquitoes.
If you are in the mafia I hope you are somehow jettisoned into space.
by Small dog named karl July 12, 2003
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