Crazier than the bloods and the crips put together and unlike the bloods and the crips they have brains
Jim: Another guy got killed execution style today, he tried to fuck with the mafia and they killed him
Tom: Those guys are crazier than the bloods and crips put together
Jim: yea, plus you can't outsmart them like bloods and cirps
Tom: right, white people aren't complete dumbasses
Jim: could u imagine an asain mafia they could kung-fu ur ass death and they are smart as hell.
by Deshawn Thomas February 08, 2006
Organzied Crime
Originated in Sicily as rebels who fought the system. Found way to America and began good business
The mafia originated in Sicily
by Bruno .B. October 26, 2004
The mafia has been around for thousands of years, way before these ghetto gangs
by Jersey kid February 14, 2008
An actual gang that many people should be afriad of. Its a powerful gang with money. Shit, you don't give them money when they want it back, don'r be suprised if you don't get shot the next day!
a show called, "The Sopranos" could ring a bell maybe?
by DitzySteph June 25, 2004
A term used to describe people who are outside of the law and profiting themselves. A few great examples of these people would be Al Capone, Momo (Sam Giancana), and of course Vito Corleone (The Godfather). If you belong to the mafia you are a mafioso or a mobster!
Do you work for the mafia?
The mafia owns almost everything in the world.
The mafia kills off people that are considered bad.
by Claire May 18, 2004
The Mafia is a criminal syndicate dating back many years. It originally, well, originated in Sicily, and expanded. It was first a group for people that needed protection from the goverment, other people, et cetera. It is a very strongly structed and organized group, with several "Don's", who are the bosses. One must be Sicilian or Italian on the fathers side to join the Mafia. Rumours circulate that the initiation rite is one must hold spread blood on the picture of a saint or other holy figure, and then hold it as it burns.
There is also an American Mafia or sorts, some like the above, call the 'Cosa Nostra' translating into "our thing". Organized much the same way as the Sicilian Mafia, it deals in drugs, prostitution, money laundering, white collar crime, violence, and extortion. It has grown very powerful, especially in Chicago, Detroit, and New York City. Until changed, under the 'moustache Petes' the Mafia would only do buisness with those of Sicilian ancestory, although under 'Lucky' Luciano (also created the Mafia's 'Murder, Inc.) it now deals with other people of other nationalities.
See also the Red Mafiya(Russian Mafia)
Cosa Nostra
And of course, as boldly stated, the Bush Administration.
'Lucky' Luciano, was one of the Mafia's Don's in New York.
by Ryan J. F. October 26, 2006
group of people comitting organised crime acts to make an easy profit, used to be extremely powerful in the 1920's to 1970's but because of the introduction to drugs it has lost a lot of influence.
"I'll make him an offer he can't refuse" Marlon Brando (The Godfather)
by The Don March 30, 2005
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