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it stands for "mother and fathers (of the) italian association

the biggest association in the mob which a lot of people think is cool because they have no one else to idolize even though the mobsters commit horrible crimes.

It now can be used as a synonym for the mob, because you don't even have to be italian to say you're part of a mafia.
I am in the mafia...don't cross me or you'll wake up in your bed in a huge puddle of blood and a horses head that was chopped off.
Jessica Simpson is a woman who was graced at birth with beauty, talent, and a fun personality. She isn't well liked, because she has so much money, fame, looks, and a hot husband. She makes money off acting stupid (or maybe she is, we don't know) People seem to think she's bitchy even though they have never met her, and on tv she comes off very nice. The thing that pisses me off, is that fact that you all say that she's slutty even though she was very open about the fact that she was going to stay a virgin until marriage. She wears nice clothes that cover up most everything and just because she has big boobs doesn't mean she's a slut, it just means she is lucky. You little 12 year old CS players need to go pwn some n00bs because your imput is not needed here. Go try to find some morals...then see how idiotic calling jessica simpson a slut is...if you want a slut....go find britney
Jessica Simpson is married to Nick Lachey, they had their own MTV show called the Newlyweds in which they became rich and famous...her most favorite line is from the "chicken from the sea" episode

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