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means to be hitting on the ladies
Andre was macking on AJ the whole day. He finally got away from her and started to mack on her by texting. He is a nukkapants.
by tjkfothreyallday March 30, 2009
it means whatever you want it to mean
Holy, look at Nicole over there..isn't she datin' that nukkapants?

No, silly, i'm dating her, you dumb nukkapants
by tjkfothreyallday January 17, 2009
means you're goin all out
balls to the walls
hella intense
In the weight room..
Tommy: Yo Cars im feelin' the forty fizzles, pop two more 45s on
Cars: Alright, you better bust these babys out!
by tjkfothreyallday February 03, 2009
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