to eat something or to chug a drink
Jeff: *points at beer* Hey you gonna mack that!?
Dave: Yeah!
*Dave macks (chugs ) the beer


"Dude Im ready to mack a sandwich right now, Im starving."
by Bennie P. July 22, 2006
1- to "lay the mack down" on someone means to flirt with them, or hit on them

2- a Macki is someone who is very expirienced and smooth at picking up chicks
1- "Dude, I'm gonna go mack on that chick over there."
"That's my brother."

2- "Macki is super cool! I wish I could me more like Macki! I love Macki!"
by CRVYGRL April 17, 2006
verb - a word used to describe the act of a violent hit; being jolted in a destructive nature
"Mack this shit!"
by cameron January 01, 2004
be jealous of
pimp my voice and mack my beats
by meeshy October 09, 2003
To make-out with someone
I sooo want to mack up your bf tonight
by mmmmm August 24, 2003
Shirts, stickers, anything to do with music memorabilia or instruments that has M.A.C.K. stamped on it means

Man i love your shirt, whats it say? M.A.D.D.? no man, M.A.C.K., i hate Nickelback with a passion "MUSICIANS AGAINST CHAD KRUGER"
by i.l.s. October 07, 2009
When a bitch has a man back.
I cant fuck that bitch doggy style because of mack.
by your mom inc July 29, 2006

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