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1- to "lay the mack down" on someone means to flirt with them, or hit on them

2- a Macki is someone who is very expirienced and smooth at picking up chicks
1- "Dude, I'm gonna go mack on that chick over there."
"That's my brother."

2- "Macki is super cool! I wish I could me more like Macki! I love Macki!"
by CRVYGRL April 17, 2006
15 25
verb - a word used to describe the act of a violent hit; being jolted in a destructive nature
"Mack this shit!"
by cameron January 01, 2004
6 16
be jealous of
pimp my voice and mack my beats
by meeshy October 09, 2003
0 10
Shirts, stickers, anything to do with music memorabilia or instruments that has M.A.C.K. stamped on it means

Man i love your shirt, whats it say? M.A.D.D.? no man, M.A.C.K., i hate Nickelback with a passion "MUSICIANS AGAINST CHAD KRUGER"
by i.l.s. October 07, 2009
3 14
When a bitch has a man back.
I cant fuck that bitch doggy style because of mack.
by your mom inc July 29, 2006
2 13
crack cocaine mixed with marijuana
"Man, Tommy is still hooked on them mack blunts"
by Trav G August 01, 2005
2 13
To make-out with someone
I sooo want to mack up your bf tonight
by mmmmm August 24, 2003
3 14