When a bitch has a man back.
I cant fuck that bitch doggy style because of mack.
by your mom inc July 29, 2006
crack cocaine mixed with marijuana
"Man, Tommy is still hooked on them mack blunts"
by Trav G August 01, 2005
a sexy young girl who loves life. usualy had blue eyes and a great smile. curvy and smart, she gets plenty of male attention. loves her cell phone almost as much as she loves her boyfriend. cant stand liers or sluts and wont take shit from anyone. if you dont like it, she doesnt care.
woah man check her out.. shes def a mack
by hehe yea truth. June 19, 2008
the real definition of mack is to steal something.
i totally just macked that sandwich.

ey, cover me, i need to mack.
by Dood 7X March 01, 2008
1. an abnormally large head
2. someone who regard highly of themselves; cocky
3. someone who is lazy; an arse
4. a selfish person
5. someone who copies work off others and make it their own.
1. He thinks he is smart because he has a mack.
2. You are just as equal as everyone else, so don't be such a mack.
3. Get off your mack and start working.
4. You're a tight-arse mack.
5. That bastard macked my works.
by Allen Pine May 14, 2005
making out
Yeah, I macked on that fine guy over there.
by maa-k January 05, 2003
Slang-Violent spl00ge or fapping experience often involving a trip to the hospital.
"d00d I completely mack'd on that wall.It went right through.."

"wtf m8 I destroyed that wall in a mackin'accident."
by Recon February 01, 2005

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