When someone has been conned/is controlled by someone else.
Milan is such a mack his girlfriend says jump and he replies how high.

Man i just donated to some guy in a wheelchair, and saw him stand up and walk away. Im such a Mack
by - July 14, 2004
to make out wit a hott girl
Rob only wanted to go on the haunted house cuz it was dark n he could mack his girl
by slut muffin August 19, 2004
to engage in sexual intercourse
that slut macked him!!!
by anonymous January 05, 2004
short for MacKeag, see MacKeag. And all of the other definitions.
Oh hey theres MacK, wonder what he's up to.
by MacKeag T. Resh November 24, 2004
A very salty person, usually because his girlfriend sucks.
Mack is salty. His girlfriend made him act like they aren't going out.
by [e.99]Miracle December 04, 2004
1. to make out
2. to have sex with
3. in fact any closeness with a chick
4. to get beaten up
5. a form of truck
6. a brand of pies
7. a brand of floor buffers
8. a brand of australian apples
1. "i macked her well mate"
2. "i rang her up to organise a mack-sesh"
3. "yeh i reckon i'll mack her"
4. "guess what? me and bustin just got macked!"
5. "check that mack truck mate"
6. "i'll have two macks's thanks"
7. "dirty ay? just mack her till she's clean"
8. "hey alex or micheal, can you please change over the macks"
by alex February 24, 2004
Slang 'gangsta' term for masturbation.
Despite the tough talk, us gangstas can't get none for real, so we spends all our time macking off.
by Arthur September 14, 2003

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