What dumbass Windows users (er, Losers) call a MacIntosh.
Ever notice how they always use MacIntoshes in all the movies? Maybe there IS a reason why these actors make eight figures! They didn't get rich by considering them Macintrashes!
by Aribeth April 19, 2005
Top Definition
A noun describing what all computers put out by apple are.
The CD drive on my macintrash broke.

God damn piece of macintrash!
by Generic Humanoid March 23, 2004
Where all Macs should be.
I'll put that Macintrash.
by Jim Bob The Lumberjack February 26, 2003
What all Macintosh computers are called by the more educated members of society.
"You want me to write a virus for a Macintosh? The reason Macintosh never gets any viruses is because nobody gives a shit about that Macintrash."
by The Dunadan June 03, 2006
Term used to describe a computer made from inferior hardware jammed into a shiny case and made by Apple. It is often used by people who either are too stupid to figure out installing antivirus software or think that they are "sophisticated" by using a computer built by a bunch of fags in California.
Man I feel like an idiot for buying a Macintrash! I could have bought a computer with better specs for half the price, but I'm a sucker for getting anally poned by Apple
by Rusty JR Shackleford July 10, 2006
A more descriptive name for the slow, powerless, and overpriced Apple Macintosh.
Finally, the G5 Macintrash is out! But even after numerous manipulation of the benchmark, the SP_INT test still shows that G5 is slower than a Dell!
by Steven February 13, 2005
The name of the computer made by the most hated computer company in the world.
"I hate my macintosh. Let's use it as a boat anchor!"
by Cory Emmett February 26, 2005
A word that best describes a Mac or Macintosh "computer" because they are not good and suck. A Mac that belongs in the Trash thus, Mac In Trash.
That isn't a computer, it's a Macintrash!
by Trent Kuver December 20, 2008
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