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Software designed to detect and eliminate viruses on a computing system.

Maybe as well anti-biotics.
"My antivirus caught a stupid mIRC worm"

"You shouldn't swallow floppy disks, tss tss. Never swallow without reading the label!"
by BelgainDSoul August 11, 2003
Software forced onto the unsuspecting masses to combat Viruses. Usually written by ex-virus writters who needed a steady income.

Differs from viruses in intent, and cost. Viruses are usually free, whereas anti-viruses are not. Anti-virus software also tends to have a flashier interface.

Both software types will severely impact your ability to do anything productive, both will occasionally greet the users with unwanted popups, add web tool bars, provide inaccurate (but sponsered) search results, and keep your local IT shop in business.
"The new server anti-virus installed succesfully on the first try. Unfortunatly we couldn't access anything anymore, but we were protected, and that was the important part.
by j4gg3d December 13, 2010
An ISP answer to the virus they sent you last week.
The only 100% effective Antivirus is the 'OFF' button.
by Kwazai2012 November 28, 2012
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