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6 definitions by Fizzler

Like 4chan, but exclusively for porn. Divided into two main sections, one for Photographic, the other for Drawn. Each of these is divided into many sub-sections, such as /le/ (lesbian), /di/ (dickgirls), /cam/ (Camwhores), and /gu/ (guro). It should be noted that this is only a sampling of the selection
Fapchan is where i go for all of my mastrubatory needs!
by Fizzler July 24, 2008
Makers of Shitty Equipment since 1996. Manages to stay in business by paying big bucks to big names such as Metallica and Black Sabbath. Makes mostly modeling amps. However, these, like most modeling amps, suck balls. The company is part of the reason that bands like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance are so popular.
Line 6 is always lowering the bar on equipment. If you want a good modeling amp, check out the Vox Valvetronix series, kiddies.
by Fizzler April 05, 2008
A $300 music player that costs more, gets stolen more often, and suffers from poorer audio quality than a CD player.
iPod user: Dude, my iPod fits in my POCKET!
Me: Wow, my CD player does too!
iPod User: Can your CD player hold 5 bazillion songs?
Me: No, I only have 10 CDs
iPod User: Yeah, but my songs sound better
Me: *starts snickering*
iPod user: And it lasts longer
Me: *Laughs out loud* I've had the SAME CD player since 2002 and it still works like a charm, Retard!
by Fizzler December 20, 2006
An Exceedingly hot computer processor. So inefficient that Apple couldn't use it in its laptops. The biggest reason for the PPC to Intel transition.
G5 User: Dude, my iMac has a G5, it's 64-bit!
Me (Aka G3 User): Wow, my iBook is a G3 and it runs better and with less power than yours!
G5 User: Wow, it's hard to believe that Mac users can hate each other!
by Fizzler December 20, 2006
A computer that is great for people who don't want to do gaming and can run a special version of Microsoft office. Most people complain that the mac can't do games. This is true. However, Macs are not intended to be used for games. They are actually great for things like film making, graphic design, and other applications. However, it is not useful to the general public.
My Macintosh is great, but most people wouldn't like it, because it can't play "Doom"
by Fizzler December 20, 2006
Jaded is an uber-fast-paced rock song by the band Green Day. In most versions, it is directly preceeded by Brain Stew and the two songs are segued together.
Dude, I totally love that song Jaded. *air guitars* na na naaaaaa na na na naaa na naaaaaaa na!
by Fizzler December 21, 2006