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Furbys are a stupid peice of crap so useless that they just sit on a shelf dying and making demonic noises.

Furbys are useful for:
Beuti-fying (coloring it with ink)
Scaring Children
More hitting
Tormenting small animals
Putting in a spin dry cycle
Paper weights
(noise made by furby with 6 month old batteries)

Hmm.. what catergory does this go in??
by Kip January 14, 2005
In U.K. a hot or extremely hot curry, such as vindaloo, tindaloo or phaal. Defenition refers to not the preliminary chilli peppery taste, but the secondary "afterburn" effects felt on the loo next morning.
I had ten pints and a vindaloo last night, what a ringstinger! I've been shitting through the eye of a needle!
by KIP October 31, 2003
A phrase that is another way of saying awesome, rad, cool, sweet, tight, etc. You do not use it in the middle of a sentence.

example of how NOT to use it: I have a that go hard mp3 player.
How to use it:

speaker 1. "Man, Yesterday i got this sweet bass system for my car."

speaker 2."Oh that go hard."
by kip April 16, 2005
an alternative os which is less compatable than my calculator.
my mac ;loving freind cant even name 10 good free programs
its like a supercar, it can go at 400km/h but only on 0.5% of the world
by Kip June 05, 2005
Everything, to one person. :-)
Oh man, Lefawnduh is like my Korey Buecheler.
by Kip January 02, 2005
a cross between "encyclopedic" and "cyclothymic." said of minds that are vastly knowledgeable but nastily volatile.
Sara's encyclothymic -- the more she wants to rant you out, the bigger the words she uses.
by Kip March 21, 2004
(to be said instead of "def" or "fo shizzle")
"My math professor is mute hot!"

-or it can also be used by itself

"You comin to the party tonight?"
by KiP December 10, 2003

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