1. a Drunkard, an alcoholic.

2. Alcohol intoxicated, drunk.
The young girl bumbed into an angry0 lush, who was kicked out of the bar after becoming totaly lush.
by Light Joker May 29, 2004
sum1 who iz propa F.I.N.E, fine!!!
damn dat boi is lush, i wanna piece of his ass!!!
by becky January 19, 2004
a drunken idiot, a sleazeball.
"Have another one ya fuckin' lush!"
by SeekUpDMB5 November 14, 2002
A word describing the most wonderful person you have ever met. A term used to describe someone who fills your heart with joy and glee and happy and all that good stuff and three other things!
Awww I never wanna sleep ever again now that I met my lushes!
by mewwww June 02, 2006
Noun ~
someone who pretends to be drunk even after taking a couple of sips of alcohol

to pretend you are drunk
Yeah right you only had one sip, you're such a lush.
Dude, you're totally lushing, you faker.
by yesyesyesyesX4 March 09, 2009
lush is a new slang word for marijuana. the word lush was created when one young girl decided she needed a new code name, and this way whenever she said "lush" regular people would assume that she was talking about slurpees from 7-11.
"spread the lush"

"lets toke the lush chicka"

"cheech and chong still lushed"
by tinah&tarah March 03, 2009
Something cool, or sweet. That's about it. ^^
My dad: I got a new car the other day.
My cousin: Yea? Which one?
My dad: *says name of car* (I can't remember, and don't care what type it was)
My cousin: LUSH!
by Z-chan September 02, 2004

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