Someone who drinks quite frequently who tries to include other members of their peer group into drinking habits.
You are a lush because you try to get us to go out with you every single night.
by Syndey July 25, 2005
A person (generally under 21) who is prone to excessive drinking
"That girl is such a lush"
by satan July 24, 2004
1. a Drunkard, an alcoholic.

2. Alcohol intoxicated, drunk.
The young girl bumbed into an angry0 lush, who was kicked out of the bar after becoming totaly lush.
by Light Joker May 29, 2004
1.) A very flirty Girl, who is a borderline slut when drunk or simply horny.

2.) A Girl that is a shameless tease (even if she is in a relationship
1.b: So what if she is VERY picky with who she'll have sex with, she'll kiss anybody, the goofy Lush..."

2.b: "I'm not very slutty (promiscuous), despite being an exhibitionist..."
(IE: going topless, dancing super dirty, taking next to every dare given)
by ESBebop March 19, 2009
sum1 who iz propa F.I.N.E, fine!!!
damn dat boi is lush, i wanna piece of his ass!!!
by becky January 19, 2004
a drunken idiot, a sleazeball.
"Have another one ya fuckin' lush!"
by SeekUpDMB5 November 14, 2002
A word describing the most wonderful person you have ever met. A term used to describe someone who fills your heart with joy and glee and happy and all that good stuff and three other things!
Awww I never wanna sleep ever again now that I met my lushes!
by mewwww June 02, 2006
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