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A girl , usually a whore-ish one who likes to go around drinking alot and thinking she is a number one badass and brags about it
"Man youre just so fucking lush! "....."Ya I know Im just so Lush"
by bitchassmotherfucker October 06, 2005
Adjective; to be so fucking beautiful that I'd sleep with you all night.
"That woman is so lushes."
by N Franklin May 11, 2008
Someone who drinks too much and acts like Ben Woodard or is Ben woodard. For a good example of a lush look in Cluck U or in the gutters of gainesville
Ben is such a fuckin lush
by leethal August 06, 2003
"lush" Derived from slang, meaning play or otherwise known as sexual favors. Lush is often used for meaning getting a blow job.
Check those lush lipz on dat gurl.
I got sum Lush from Marina last night.
by T-Fresh December 19, 2003
Something which excites, something really 'tyte'
"Man the kebabs I had last night were lush!"
"Yaar the party was lushing! The place looked damn tyte!"
by Little Blue Patakha January 03, 2003
katie g. is such a lush, she's soo hot.
i lust for katie g. in the worst way possible, baby!!
by steph p January 08, 2005
An expression similar to 'Tyte', an exclamation of joy or a word to describe something good.
"LUSH! Jaffar Is a full Tyte guy"
"This new car is lushing!"
by Little Blue Patakha January 15, 2003