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Mutli colored fluid from Hell! Nail Polish comes in a wide array or colors and costs. It's also close to impossible for a normal female human to consistently apply with anything close to acceptable results. It is placed in stores globally so as to infuriate women equally
out of pure boredom i did my nails...and you can see that this nail polish was not where close to even looking like any one under the age of 6 had put it on..what the heck??
by DaynaS February 28, 2008
Carnal Knowledge is a Mike Niclols movie which in the 70s cause a huge amount of controversy as it examined social,and sexual morality and the changes at the time. But if you ever in the most fleeting moment ever doubt that Ann-Margret can act you can forever put that to rest by watching this movie she is amazingly raw and unflinching as Bobbie
I rented Carnal Knowledge from greencine and to be honest its a very well made movie..you can't miss the star power of Ann-Margret..great classic movie..
by DaynaS February 28, 2008
the use of a hand inserted in most cases to the wrist in place of an object or penis.I gives tremendous volume inside the recipient and since it also warm and rigid it has a lot to offer as a sex technique. You can of course see a lot of it on redtube and i would advise one of you read up a lot on this before you attempt it.Gives new meaning to small hands are a blessing. I don't think its kinky.
we dabbled a bit with fisting i can't say i was disappointed at all but golly no jewelery allowed..
by DaynaS September 13, 2008
Medical shorthand terminology for whenever necessary (pro re nata)which basically means its an excuse for the staff to be driven crazy prn.
"what the patient in 1408 really needs is a bath prn..god!"

"what smart jerk wrote the order for a hand job prn???"
by DaynaS February 17, 2008
When in anticipation of very desirable oral sex you go to the extra trouble of using a small dollop of shampoo between your legs.
Thereby leaving your pubic hair,,shiny,lustrous, and dare i say manageable?
With a nice evening of tasty paste planned at a very cute bistro, I felt it only appropriate to include some Pantene Poon-tang on the menu..
by DaynaS March 30, 2008
Skatepark bigots are people who either resent a skate park near their house and try to subvert it or who vote constantly against any and all public funds to create them. Unfortunately they also have no clear idea as to what to offer kids in replacement and if you look very closely you will find very few overweight skateboarders!(for you skateboard bigots that would be a clue you just read).
" I can not believe for the third time in a row that the skatepark bigots voted the park down..it costs more to buy Kevlar for all the school teachers then the park would ever cost..."
by DaynaS March 02, 2008
A movie with Ubher sex panthers Denise Richards and Neve Campbell which has a convulsive convoluted plot. Add Hottie Matt Dillon and babaliscoius Kevin Bacon{eyes open for the frontal nudity} Bill Murray set it all in some swamp and the definition of WILD THINGS gets even muddier
you should rent Wild Things you wont know how it ends till the very end and be sure to see the easter eggs..
by DaynaS March 31, 2008

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