Someone who will not pass up the oppurtunity to drink with friends, no matter what the circumstances are, normally someone who becomes easily intoxicated and becomes physically attracted to most likely whoever they are with... and ends up being carried home by one of their friends.
He is a lush, and I hate it.
by Best Kept Secret July 07, 2006
Use especially in the West Country, where it is pronounced hilariously as 'lurrrrrsh'.
"I thought you said tha' bint o'er there's well lurrrsh. She fucking mings to hell and back!"
by Billy-Bob McSanchez April 06, 2005
Someone who when drinking alcohol drinks to get drunk and have a good time. He/She will always be the life of the party and is always ready for watever. Also this person will usually be the last one to pass out or can handle more than the average person who participates in the consumption of alcohol.
Yo, shorty is a lush.
Dat lush ass nigga crushin da henney.
I cant believe dat lush juz left wit my girl.
by TuckDezi February 11, 2010
A word which YOU do not know the actual meaning of.
"you're a lush and I hate it but these grass stains on my knees they won't mean a thing".
by BethVSWild February 04, 2010
A person who drinks large amounts of alcohol but does not attend AA meetings.
Friend: You're such an alcoholic
Drinker: Alcoholics go to meetings, lushes don't. I'm a luch
by FLM-NJ January 10, 2006
Someone who drinks quite frequently who tries to include other members of their peer group into drinking habits.
You are a lush because you try to get us to go out with you every single night.
by Syndey July 25, 2005
A person (generally under 21) who is prone to excessive drinking
"That girl is such a lush"
by satan July 24, 2004

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