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The coolest person on the think she's a dork but really she is the most AWESOME, INCREDIBLE girl one can top this girl!
Hey its an ellen personality!
by Elenor Monsoon April 13, 2008
Pretty, 'girl next door', type of females, who are intelligent and rational. Ellens are fun filled, giggly, characters who provide others with endless amusement when in their best moods and/or intoxicated.
Very self critical, and appear to be tall brunettes who sometimes act like blondes.
Often associated with old-school music and people starting with the letter 'L'
1. Hey is that girls name Ellen?
2. yeah how'd you know?
1. You dumbass, of course i knew, She's eating a peach!
by iamthegreatest August 05, 2008
a girl who is gorgeous, but won't admit it to herself. She's trustworthy, fun and always up for a good time. She's loyal, sweet, and probably one of the most amazing girls you will ever meet. Most of them are loud, hilarious and don't have a censor button when it comes to what they talk about. Most Ellen's typically don't tolerate bullshit so it'd be a good idea to stay on their good side ;)
1. My girlfriend named, Ellen :)
by whoawhoawhoa69 February 04, 2010
a super cool, classy, smart, gorgeous girl who excels at everything she does ever and has tons of friends who love to hang out with her!
"wow, who is that crazy cool girl over there?"
"o, thats Ellen. enough said."
by lylas9510 February 03, 2010
talkative and funny person. looks up to others, but doesnt have great confidence in herself. she is really outgoing, meaning she is willing to get out of the house whenever you need her to be with you. hiding in her laughs, it will take a while to really get to know and like the real person she is. Ellens are the girls to go to when you are bored and want someone to make your day.
ellens are like teddy bears
by tooshik=] February 26, 2010
Ellen is absoultly hot, sexy, lovelable, and the perfect girlfriend.

Ellen is funny and loves to be around friends.

Ellen is a common name in Greece

Ellen always is looking for a "good time" (wink)

Ellen is the well rounded, saint and sinner, beatiful and thinner, librarean and stripper
ellen is soooo hot

i love her almost as much as ellen
by deffinitiondeffinate December 19, 2009
A typically kind girl who's very intelligent. She'll love everyone she meets unconditionally. Usually with brunette hair and deep eyes and usually has a great butt also but will sometimes deny it. A few flaws, mostly klutzy and not a lit of self-confidence. Good natured and loved by most. Picks out great guys and friends. Doesn't put up with BS.
Boy- man, she's so sweet and hot!
Boy 2- yeah! She's an Ellen, after all! ;)
by Drownedbyheartbreak July 26, 2011
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