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meaning good or cool. Its origin is most likely in the English adjective of the same spelling, meaning growing in extreme abundance.

Possibly the most over used word in 2002/2003 throughout Britain.
I went to Milton Keynes yesterday to hang out with my friends. It was well lush.
by Moggers April 23, 2005
A treebo is nastey creature. Usually in the form of a Greebo or Goth, treebos will meet up everyday at a big tree in Milton Keynes City Centre, England. From here they will smoke no less than 20 cigarettes each, scream for no reason, make friends with Chavs (who will beat them up later), and compare STI's.

In basic terms they are Chavs with a different dress and speech code.
a treebo stole my lighter
by Moggers June 02, 2005
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