slang for match to light cigarettes etc . possibly used prior to fuel lighters , jass( jazz) slang early 1900's New Orleans, smell of sulpher on striking
He struck a lucifer to light his cigar.
by John June 19, 2006
a fictional being that gets blammed for all wrongs and all mishaps.
Joseph: (just got into a car crash) I knew I should've went to church yesterday! Lucifer is already leaking his way into my life. It's all his fault I looked away from the road for a mere 10 seconds to rummage through my CD case for some good ska!
by greedy June 12, 2006
1. An increadably sexy guy (proven in the movie "constantine").

2. The ultimate fear of all christians because lucifer is just too free and sexy for them
average person's soft wyrm: DAMN lucifer makes me hard.. do i get any bats now?

Lucifer: *gently grabs soft wyrm which soon becomes hard wyrm as it becomes free, with the oppressing hand of the christian falling to the floor, cut off* Its ok.. the traitors of humanity cannot hurt you anymore...
by ^_^! August 17, 2005
the spirit angel of creation ... rises at times of perfection and falls when humans rule over "god" or he never dies
within the god of dynasties lucifer had a child
by angus macfarlane March 16, 2007
Another name for Satan, Lucifer means the carrier of light, and appears frequently in occult prayer books. Lucifer is adressed in the black mass. Lucifer is usually seen as a gorgoylish creature of a lesser stance than god, unlike the devil.
Lucifer is also the physical manifestation of Satan on the surface of the earth.
Hey cool, I know what Lucifer means now.
by Gunkglumb May 18, 2005
Iblis, in Islam, Lucifer in Christianity, is the cursed, hellbound once trusted angel of the Lord.
It started of when Allah made being of fire to walk the planet and worship Him, however these creatures were filled with corruption, far more than that of men, and Allah ordered for an army of Angels to anniahalate the creatures. All were destroyed except for a young child. The Angels returned the young child to the Seventh Heaven, where Allah named the child Iblis and took him on to be his favourite, Iblis became the archangel of the archangels and he was the second most powerfull being to Allah. However it was only when Allah decided to make Adam when Iblis fell out. Allah ordered for all the angels to bow down in fornt of the first man, however Iblis refused as he claimed that as he was made of fire and Adam was form soil, he was more powerfull and that Adam should worship him. Disobeying an order of Allah resulted in expulsion from Heaven, and form that day forward Iblis has tried to divert mankind away form Allah.
Iblis was given a certificate of hell and he was to be immortal till the apocalypse in return. He was also given the power to transform into anything he wishes, become visible or invisibe at will. Iblis told Allah that he would would take Man to hell with him.
Allah had the prayer to call to attract people to him, but as Iblis wanted something in return, he was given MUSIC to distract people from Allah.
Now there are billions of demons but the Satan himslef lives forever.
People get it wrong when they say that Iblis, lucifer or Satan is the equivalent of God, this is not true. Allah has the power to wipe Iblis out anytime but it is all a part of the test for mankind. Allah is the ruler of all, not Satan ruler of evil and God ruler of light, but God rules all.
whats that meanwhats that meanwhawhats that meanwhats that meants that meanwhats that mean lucifer is gay
by Shaheed February 22, 2007
Led a rebellion against God, lost and was cast down into Hell. Currently resides in Cocytus, where he is imprisoned in the Frozen Lake. Also, see wuss.
Lucifer is my bitch.
by Naes April 02, 2003
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