The name of the devil to whom the Rolling Stones give their sympathy.
Those who are sympathetic to or defend Lucifer are placing their sympathy in and coming to the defense of an evil being who is clearly NOT the one true God.That shalt have no other God before the one true God,a.k.a. the God of Moses!
by Jesus Christ is the messiah June 26, 2005
no matter how you slice it it's still Satan because Lucifer/Phosphoros or whatever is still a pagan idol
whether it means a specific Greek or Roman pagan deity or idol or just the planet Venus it was still an idol of pagan worship and therefore it's still Satan who's behind it
by so there March 05, 2005
God's favorite son. Lucifer is heaven's pansy whining rich boy. He had it all, all the powers of the universe, loved above all angels and all God asked was that he serve by assisting mankind. Poor whiny Lucifer got all pissy and demanded that mankind worship him. God said, nobody worships anybody but Me! Lucifer then walked away from heaven like a cry-baby and into Hell. Mankind was created and he then decided to screw with them. He has spent eons attempting to piss off God by messing with the minds of men and women. All this time however, God still loves him the most. Even above humans, and his other son, Jesus. God allows Lucifer to pretty much do whatever the Hell he wants, and has never asked anything of him since. Meanwhile he subjects mankind to unending tortures and horrors, and without mercy. He even subjected his human son, Jesus to abominable tortures. Lucifer is also known as the biggest pussy-weakling in the universe because he has never known suffering(other than his own self-pity). Some humans identify with this pussy's whining, and choose to worship him, others have picked Jesus, the other son. Others are pissed altogether, and cannot believe that God would even allow such a basard to be let loose to do the kind of damage he has done. Lucifer has never known starvation, physical pain, loss of love, age or failure. Human beings, although superior to Lucifer, are still left to live in a hell worse than Lucifer's Hell, and God sill refuses to even speak to mankind. Lucifer and God both are indeed the biggest bastards in the universe, but Lucifer is the biggest because of his spoiled rich-kid status. Human beings commit one or two crimes and get sent to Hell forever, and Lucifer, who is given power to be loosed on earth can come and go as he pleases, and is ultimately untouchable by God and his angels. (You'd think God would have just killed the fucker, made him NOT exist or something...)Human beings to this day generally like Jesus better because he's gone through the same shit they have on earth, but ultimately, humans have come to realize God is a dead-beat Dad. "Lucy" while having the power and ability to heal people would rather resort to childish tricks and evil like the little worthless fuck that he is, and therefore is the enemy of mankind.
Lucifer is the biggest pansy in the known universe.
by sternwise October 01, 2006
lucifer is the devil and it is yous queefs what are twisting it to mean somethin else
if you are gay for goats then you probably think lucifer is the good guy
by cacaw cacaw tookie tookie December 09, 2003
Simultaneously both "the god and goddess" of witchcraft (see the word gay)

see also; NAMBLA,and SLAVERY
Satan is a hermaphrodite freak!
by lucy is evil June 05, 2004

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