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His other "brother" is Raphael, who serves as something like a combat medic and healer in general. Belial, a female angel -- she has a "brother" of very similar name -- was among his followers gone to hell with him, and she loves him like a wife. He was ignorant of her affection when he was in heaven.

His reasons for rebellion were mainly two -- first, he disagreed with God's over-restriction of angels relative to humans -- he wanted more freedom for angels. Second, he was smitten with Alexial, a female warrior angel, who was then with Azeigial. He would have married her too, but at the time, angels were not allowed to marry as humans do. Things have changed though regarding angels and marriage.

Lucifer was and is noted among the angels for being strong, strategically brilliant, and charismatic. He is a survivor. Even in hell, he contended with some powerful demons who would have taken his throne if they were able.

His plan of rebellion was not so much about a violent overthrow of God, who is quite powerful. Violence was used against angels who opposed him. He intended to get key angels behind him and promote a popular uprising that would pressure God to abdicate authority over them, since God is not exactly a tyrant as some suppose.
Lucifer is a fallen angel.
by Azeigial March 06, 2011
Lucifer was not the highest angel of heaven as some suppose. Metatron and his twin "brother" Sandalphon were and are. They were and are Seraphem, and they were the first two angels created by God. As already stated, Lucifer was in line to be promoted into their ranks, though he would have been the seventh and most junior Seraphem.

Even in his exile, Lucifer serves God after a fashion. God has worked fallen Lucifer into His plan. It is also a fact that if God wanted to, He could annihilate Lucifer. But Lucifer is one of God's beloved sons.
Lucifer is a fallen angel.
by Azeigial March 06, 2011
Lucifer is a 6'5" strongly built fallen angel with long black straight hair. Wielding his greatsword, he led a rebellion of exactly 200 other angels (much less than a third of the host of heaven).

In the fighting, he personally killed and wounded several angels, Azeigial and Alexial among those killed. One of his two younger "brothers" -- some angels are created in sets somewhat like brothers -- Mikhail (aka St. Michael), in a rage over the killing of his friend Alexial, pierced with his own greatsword the lung of Lucifer, grievously wounding and defeating him.

Lucifer was dragged by Mikhail to Gods throneroom, where God, after hearing the testimony, banished Lucifer and his followers to hell, a realm which already existed, populated by races of (non-fallen-angel) demons. These pre-existent demons became subjects of Lucifer, as God allowed him to rule that realm. God employed Lucifer as a foil to strengthen mankind, giving him some license to tempt people.

Before the failed rebellion, Lucifer, having been originally created a four-winged Cherub, had been granted the high honorary title of archangel, and he was in line to be promoted to a six-winged Seraph (there were only six Seraphem at that time). Believe it or not, he may yet be allowed by God back into heaven, after being forgiven....
Lucifer is a fallen angel.
by Azeigial March 06, 2011

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