He is the personification of evil
Right now, I am watching Primetime Nightline on ABC and they are talking about Lucifer, satan, the devil and its some scary ass shit!
by FlyAway July 20, 2011
The rightful ruler of earth, and father of humanity. Or possibly a Hebrew angel who was in charge of testing people's faith, but was otherwise, benevolent, but later got demonized as Satan, God's adversary. Which makes no sense, because Satan is named after Saturn, one of the planets of our solar system, and also, one of the two patron deities of Rome, along with Juno.

Lucifer wants all of humanity to realize the divinity within us. This obviously makes the Church his enemy, for they want people to feel powerless, and rely on the church for everything and give them many donations. Also, they wanted to protect the "divine rights" of kings to rule. Lucifer is really an angel of light, and enemy to the Abrahamic religion. He wants us all to realize just how special we are. They say we were created in God's image, but we are so much more, and Lucifer wants us to realize this. And despite being a glorious angel of light, he doesn't want himself to be seen as greater than humanity, he prefers to be called a mentor, friend, guide, professor, etc.
We are all light workers, empowered by our father, Lucifer. Lucifer will ensure that humanity reaches it's full potential as gods.
by Unofficial Illuminati Agent April 18, 2014
Lucifer is a fallen rebel archangel found in Judeo-Christian theology. Lucifer is the angel of light and is known in Latin as the "Light Bringer" or "Morning Star". Lucifer is often used synonymously with the Devil or Satan.

Lucifer was once among God]'s most powerful and most beautiful of angels. He was appointed over one-third of Heaven's angels, millions of angels where at his command. When God created man, he ordered all of his angels to bow down before the new creation. Lucifer was ordered to watch over the newly created Earth]. As time went by, however, Lucifer began to recognize humanity's flaws and began to hold them in contempt. He was outraged that he was ordered to watch over and serve beings of flesh that were created lesser than himself. He also became jealous that God loved them more than him.

Leading a rebellion in Heaven, Lucifer and his angels fought against the archangel Michael along with God's legion of loyal angels. Lucifer was defeated and he and his armies were cast down to Earth and barred from Heaven.
Lucifer is the king of Hell.
by Cainman September 09, 2013
A beautiful angel that has been led down to help us with his demons. The god that protects us and wants more in life for us.
:Have you ever heard of Lucifer?
:Yes, he is my guardian.
by Livingbanshee6 December 24, 2013
A song by SHINee (korean boy band)
Onew: What should we name our next comeback?
Taemin: How about Lucifer?
Key and Minho: YA!
by thereallucifernot December 11, 2010
Lucifer was not the highest angel of heaven as some suppose. Metatron and his twin "brother" Sandalphon were and are. They were and are Seraphem, and they were the first two angels created by God. As already stated, Lucifer was in line to be promoted into their ranks, though he would have been the seventh and most junior Seraphem.

Even in his exile, Lucifer serves God after a fashion. God has worked fallen Lucifer into His plan. It is also a fact that if God wanted to, He could annihilate Lucifer. But Lucifer is one of God's beloved sons.
Lucifer is a fallen angel.
by Azeigial March 06, 2011
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