Lucifer is a 6'5" strongly built fallen angel with long black straight hair. Wielding his greatsword, he led a rebellion of exactly 200 other angels (much less than a third of the host of heaven).

In the fighting, he personally killed and wounded several angels, Azeigial and Alexial among those killed. One of his two younger "brothers" -- some angels are created in sets somewhat like brothers -- Mikhail (aka St. Michael), in a rage over the killing of his friend Alexial, pierced with his own greatsword the lung of Lucifer, grievously wounding and defeating him.

Lucifer was dragged by Mikhail to Gods throneroom, where God, after hearing the testimony, banished Lucifer and his followers to hell, a realm which already existed, populated by races of (non-fallen-angel) demons. These pre-existent demons became subjects of Lucifer, as God allowed him to rule that realm. God employed Lucifer as a foil to strengthen mankind, giving him some license to tempt people.

Before the failed rebellion, Lucifer, having been originally created a four-winged Cherub, had been granted the high honorary title of archangel, and he was in line to be promoted to a six-winged Seraph (there were only six Seraphem at that time). Believe it or not, he may yet be allowed by God back into heaven, after being forgiven....
Lucifer is a fallen angel.
by Azeigial March 06, 2011
was just a name which has over centuries been twisted into "the devil.satan "and any bad things that exist your history!
i will name my son lucifer because it sounds nice and the real historys meaning is beautiful
by monika October 22, 2003
The "original rebel", who was also the most beautiful angel in Heaven. After rebelling against God, he resided in Hell for some time (or he created it from some already existing plane).
But soon all the anger and fury towards God that Lucifer felt took a form of its own - by seperating from Lucifer. This was the "birth" of Satan. Satan represents anger, and Lucifer is represents sorrow - or remorse or regret.
Lucifer is considered the original rebel.
by Ignaz Hellsing March 31, 2004
There's an old song of British ancestry circa WWI titled "Pack Up Your Troubles". One line in that song says, ...While you've a Lucifer to light your fag... Of course we all know that to a Brit a fag is a cigarette, right?

This definition of a Lucifer was alluded to in definition 10, and the use of the term Lucifer to indicate a match might stem from the Greek name for Lucifer, Phosphoros, given in definition 6 because of the use of the chemical Phosphorus in producing matches.
...While you've a Lucifer to light your fag...
by Furb November 23, 2007
A name commonly associated with Satan, the devil of Christian theology. The origin is most likely a mistranslated passage of the Bible, in which a prince named Lucifer is compared to the fallen angel. The terms Lucifer and Satan are now often interchaneable, and many believe that Lucifer was his name before he fell from grace.
"I am Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness! Behold my power and tremble! Boogity-boogity-boo!"
by Sean Piece October 16, 2003
It's the devils name, but also the name for a match in Dutch.
John, pass me a lucifer.
by dubVocaLs January 22, 2006
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