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When the fore skin of a penis has been cut off
Circumsized dicks look like mushrooms
by FlyAway July 21, 2011
A zodiac sign
Gemini's......G's UP!!!!!
by FlyAway July 21, 2011
The dopest R&B group that consists of two sets of brothers DeVante and Dalvin and K-Ci and JoJo.
Love you for life by JoDeCi is my wedding song!
by FlyAway July 18, 2011
A black and asian couple.
She is asian and her boyfriend is black. Black and yellow always go together!
by FlyAway July 18, 2011
Electronic card food stamps for low income people
Do vending machines accept EBT cards? Well it sucks that we cant use EBT cards at McDonald's
by FlyAway July 20, 2011
Women that sleep with rappers, athletes, famous people, etc... simply because they are famous
Don't grow up to be like Kat Stacks, she's a groupie.

Groupie Pt.2 by Little Brother is a good song about groupies.
by FlyAway February 26, 2012
He is the personification of evil
Right now, I am watching Primetime Nightline on ABC and they are talking about Lucifer, satan, the devil and its some scary ass shit!
by FlyAway July 20, 2011

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