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A compound of the word meant and means. It is used to refer to the specific feeling a person has when he or she is reminded of an event, place, person, word, or thing that at one point in the past was perceived to have overbearing significance on future events, but in retrospect, had little to no impact, negative or positive, on the person's present situation.
Nick - I heard that the high school student body president election was rigged when we were 17.

Damien - So?

Nick - Well at the time it meant a lot to me. I really wanted to put that on to my application to Yale; I thought not having it would prevent me from getting accepted.

Damien - You still got in, didn't you? It doesn't mean anything to you now. It's meants.

Nick - Yeah... I guess you are right.
by transient_ted November 23, 2010
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