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The shortened form of the word pectoralis major. Guys who take good care of there body and keep a physically active life style tend to get these. They are located in the area where women have there tits. Namely the chest. Girls like a good looking guy with nice pecs. They are usaually very muscular. They look nice too. Wish i had nice pecs.
My best friend Nick, took off his shirt and showed off his pecs. The girls love him.
by Kailua boy January 31, 2004
Defined chest muscles of males.
Dannng he got nice pecs!!
Check out them pecs on that guy!
by §usane March 02, 2004
Dudes who work out,eat healthy foods and take care of themselves get these. They are in the same spot as boobs are on women, but are big and firm. They bounce sometimes if they have a lot of fat in them and they sag just like boobs when the dude gets old or out of shape.
Shawn B. and I like to look at pecs when we go to the beach. Lately though, all we see is pasty white flab and moobs. What happened to our dreams of sexy tanned dudes with an I.Q. over 100?
by RatchetBoo April 25, 2003
Pussy Eating Champ. Male or Female who knows how to eat the box
Chad is the best P.E.C in the hood, trust me .
by Early Spaz July 15, 2015
Adjective, When someone is a Poor Effort Cunt.

Meaning they are giving a poor effort at trying to be cool.
Jarred is such a pec.
by segonatora June 03, 2010
Performance Enhancing Coke. A Coca Cola that gives you an "edge" in upcoming competitive sports/performance.
Luke drinks a PEC before football.
by raviformjack May 17, 2009
Plastic Electric Cock, or a Plastic Vibrator.
Yo Mike left this bloody P.E.C. in the bathroom, you have any tongs?
by Dr Dankenstein July 19, 2010
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