A cute guy with black hair, dark brown eyes and medium tan skin. A little shy, but super sweet. Top ranked in his University and doesn't smoke or drink. Always respects women and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.
Girl 1: Who is that guy over there?
Girl 2: That is Lucas. He is so cute and sweet!

Girl 1: Any girl would be lucky to have him!
by Mollyissocool February 19, 2011
A very nice and caring person. She cares about people dearly and she hates seeing her friends in trouble. Luca is a great friend to have, and you should try your best not to lose her. Luca is a fun person to be around, and is usually the one to start the conversations. Luca is an attractive girl/woman which will always care about you no matter what you have done in the past. She is quite smart, only undermined by true geniuses. Luca will be your friend forever, and you're lucky to have her as one.
you got to love Luca
by thetruth52 July 05, 2012
A sweet and sometimes shy guy who is always right in logical arguements. He can prove his point easily and he is sexy while doing it. He knows how to make a girl feel special but he doesn't do this to everybody. Just the girl he knows is right for him.
Me: I was listening to Luca argue with his sister and he sounded so masculine!
Friend: so did you guys have sex or what?
Me: Of course! He's great in bed ;)
by Babytashi June 23, 2013
highest point of swag that can be obtained by any person.
regular swag takes flight, lucas swag blasts off!!
kid #1: dude why do all the hot chicks always want to hangout with you?, and why do u always say no?

kid#2: they chill with me cuz my swags on lucas, i say no because i disregard women and aquire currency i keep it LUCAS.
by thats a duhh June 06, 2011
Leader of the wolves. Usually is the head of 6-7 full grown male wolves. Also, is a fly ass guy who enjoys baklava.
Wow, look at that wolf pack, their Lucas is huge.

Wow, that guy is such a Lucas with all those women.
by 2kool4u13 December 06, 2010
Best boyfriend ever.Loves hockey (Anaheim Ducks!).Big brown eyes,shaggy brown hair.Will ALWAYS tell you how he loves you,& that youre beautiful.Eyes impossible to say no to.Loves COD & Youtube.Plays guitar.Total ladies man,but very faithful.Shy.Only loud with certain people.Great guy
Girl 1:I hear youre dating a Lucas!
Girl 2:Yep ;)
Girl 1:I wish I was you,you lucky girl!
amazing sweet funny smart
by (Insert witty pseudonym here) April 12, 2011
your would be so lucky to be friends with lucas he is nice smart funny smart and the best person in the world he is all ways will be there for you with you did not piss him off his smile is amazing as well and very hard to get his trust form him he is mostly inside someone times out on a good day he is wonderful, lucas is like no one eles always laughing for no reason he all ways know when your sad he is amazing and dont ever get him mad he will talk back but he will never fight
person: that's a Lucas
by dark shadows June 11, 2012

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