Bad-ass guy. Always doing stupid things that make everyone laugh. Always looks overly attractive, and has a hot ass. He is very athletic and muscular. Also, he's the hottest guy you will ever see. He is referred as The Sexy Mamba.
Holy shit! It's a Lucas! Look at his ass and muscular form!
by BadGrandma May 20, 2014
Lucas... One of the most amazing people I've ever met.
He's a little shorty and gives the best hugs.
I'm so glad I met him!
Gorgeous blue eyes and spikey hair.. Loves his pepsi and playstation but has heaps of respect for myself and thinks i'm more important.
The most amazing boyfriend and an amazing kisser.
I love Lucas.
by Bby.g. October 01, 2011
A Lucas is a sophisticated being whose main diet is everything. The only thing a Lucas does is be an absolute baller. He can do anything, anywhere. The word "awesome" is actually a branch off of the word "Lucas". Lucas is also worshipped as a deity in some tribes in Africa. He is the god of all things awesome and consumable. As an adjective it can describe someone/something as awesome, rad, cool, far out, etc.
1. -I saw a wild Lucas at a steak house yesterday.
-Hmm. Yes, yes...intriguing...

2. -Did you see that ne awesome thing yesterday?!?
-Yeah that was totally Lucas!
by Bob the Fother Mucking Builder March 24, 2013
loves hockey, brown hair and eyes and when you make eye match all you see is your husband there that face. Cares and loves you for whatever you are and will never change you. When you look at him all you can do is smile beacuse that feeling is to strong to hide it. If he loves you so much then he will do anything with you like just sat on the couch and talk. Stay with you though think and thin. Love ever single second with you and never let you good ever if you have to fell with them
Girl: i love you

Boy: Why

Girl:Beacuse you are a Lucas
by Perfectperaon January 14, 2015
a awesome guy with flowing blonde hair is really hot and is super smart. i want to date him even though he is smaller than me. he is so funny and really nice. he should be popular but decides to hang out with people that are his friends, and even though lots of girls like him and he can get anyone he would rather stay with his friends and be loyal.
that kid has the best hair and he is so smart he must be a lucas
by lololool August 25, 2012
Super fly as a motha f**ker
He is most likely the most popular kid in town and is a greqt friend. Has beautiful blue eyes, and has a perfect tan. Is usually very skinny though also irresistible. They are usually very smart and know how to party hard. The enjoy music so much that you will almost always hear music from there house. If you ever have the chance to date them or be friends with them, you should take the opportunity remebering that they are the most attractive person you ever met.
Girl one: Do u see that hot boy over there?
Girl two: Ya he has too be a Lucas
Lucas is a very good overall person
by Kid in the box December 19, 2014
Being fat
I was thinking of going to the gym but i'd rather be LUCA.
by Duca Lurante October 16, 2013

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