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Being fat
I was thinking of going to the gym but i'd rather be LUCA.
by Duca Lurante October 16, 2013
He who licks the balls
Davide loves a good luca
by Faggtio March 11, 2011
Ugly ass mutha

synonym: Ugly

antonym: david (see "Hot David")
Shit, she's a Lucas.
by Hot Dave August 02, 2013
v: the act of an artist tampering with their art until complete ruination.
Star Wars has totally been lucased.

She tinkered with her painting so much that she ended up lucasing it.
by mogra September 18, 2011
A cute and great guy that will treat you like your his girl but then he will turn into a dick and say that you don't matter to him and that he hates you.
Lucas says he loves you he doesn't. Don't trust him.
by Cici7788 December 15, 2013
The art of unsucessfully putting the mack down on chicks that are abnormally younger then you, and or doing something excessively homosexual for no reason.
Johnny just got rejected by that freshman! He always pulls a Lucas!
by Chet Rippo August 29, 2011
One who acts like a retard all of the time, takes his shirt off when told, loves ponies, and is a loveable bitch. Which a Lucas cannot deny. They also drink grape soda to act "african-american" because tv told him that drinking grape soda is a racial stereotype.
Hey, Lucas. Take your shirt off when we fight.

by MasterGinger October 14, 2011