He's such a hilarious guy when you meet him. He makes other people laugh and he can be really cool and nice. If you've met a guy name Lucas, then go be friends with him immediately.
Guy 1- hey look, who's that
Guy 2- he's my buddy, Lucas, we are such good friends, come meet him
by Sigh jiffy January 23, 2016
Smart, funny guy that tries hard to please. Don't get on this guy's bad side as he'll insult you at every turn and cut you deep. Trustworthy.
You insulted Luca's mum? You're doomed, child.
by Blab Man December 18, 2015
Super cool guy, loves anime. Dual Wield Badass
Boy #1: "Did you see that lucas"
Boy #2 "Yeah, i wanna be just like him"
by | Natsu Dragneel | March 31, 2015
loves hockey, brown hair and eyes and when you make eye match all you see is your husband there that face. Cares and loves you for whatever you are and will never change you. When you look at him all you can do is smile beacuse that feeling is to strong to hide it. If he loves you so much then he will do anything with you like just sat on the couch and talk. Stay with you though think and thin. Love ever single second with you and never let you good ever if you have to fell with them
Girl: i love you

Boy: Why

Girl:Beacuse you are a Lucas
by Perfectperaon January 14, 2015
He thinks he can do whatever he wants and he thinks hes cool cuz hes blond but in reality hes a huge geek
Look at lucas he thinks hes all that
by TheRyleighW May 15, 2016
The protagonist of MOTHER 3.
So I tried to beat that boss, but Lucas died like 100000000 times!
by Verdigris May 27, 2016
The main character of Mother 3, the third installment of the Mother series. He is accompanied by his dog Boney, a girl named Kumatora, and a thief named Duster. They (just Lucas) destroy the masked man, who is the commander of the pigmask army. He is special since he can pull the seven needles and he can use Pk Love, a PSI move that only certain people in the Mother universe can use.
Lucas used Pk Love! The pigmask became tame! You won! You got 300 xp!
by MooshroomManGamer December 07, 2015
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