the nicest, sweetest guy in the world. is extremly hot and athletic. he's super popular but doesnt care at all. he's sick of all of the "cool" kids and is trying to drift away. loves football and wants to go pro. also is a very good actor.
by airplanes34 June 20, 2010
A Lucas is an amazing guy. Usually with platinum blond shaggy hair. Lucas is very funny and smart, often taking an interest in math. Generally a Lucas grows up in a small town but has ambitions of moving to a bigger city. He makes an amazing boyfriend but often lets things come in the way of making a relationship stronger. Overall, a Lucas is a really great, funny, smart and attractive guy.
"Woah, that guy is really funny."
"I know! And he's so smart. - He must be a Lucas"
by Americanbab3 August 17, 2011
The act of jumping on the hood of your friends car while he is driving then you try to jump off but screw up and land on your back with your feet in the air and then replying OWWW!!!, once you hit the pavement.
Woah man, he just pulled a lucas! I hope he didn't just poop himself!
by Zach of the fifth realm August 25, 2006
A Kid with hazel eyes and will look out for his friends. He is very sensitive but very warm and filled with kindness. Cute and strong. Will be something amazing when grows up
He looks like a lucas kuz hes hot
by JunkyInMyTrunky August 05, 2010
Lucas, from the first moment you look into their eyes to are filled with happiness and then the more you speak to them the happiness grows and you will start to like them. They are well known to be the most amazing nicest and kind peole on the planet and anyone who is luckiness you be i na relationship with a boy called lucas are the most luckiest people on alive! They are the most amazing lovely people!
"wow, i cant stop thinking about lucas"
"yeah, isn't he amazing!"
by The hench midget December 04, 2011
An amazingly sweet,sexy,shy guy.Big brown eyes that are IMPOSSIBLE to say no to.Keeps to himself alot,but if you befriend him,youre one lucky bitch.Any girl is VERY fortunate to be dating a Lucas,for he will ALWAYS treat her right.Loves hockey and COD
Girl 1:OMG,he's SO sweet!
Girl 2:He's DEFINITELY a Lucas!
by ♥hp♥ April 02, 2011
sweet, smart, caring, given but sometimes feel lonely
Lucas is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. you know that he will always be there for you even if hes at the darkest moment, he will simply put on a smile and support you for whatever it is needed. although he makes other people happy, hes own life isn't perfect its self. Lucas works too hard and haven't lived a real life. sometimes pressured by others or ignored. sometimes he can feel misunderstood by friends, family, teachers. But he doesn't get that in the way when helping others, he is a true friend and if you ever let him go, you know you will regret it
by loyal.trustworthy May 14, 2012

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