A loop is a pair of phone numbers setup by the phone company for their technicans to use. How it works is like this, one person would call 555-0000, and the other would call 555-0001. After doing that, both people are "connected", and can talk to each other free of charge!
I wish I knew of a loop pair in the 508 area code.
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
(n) in the golfing world, what caddies call getting a job for 18 holes.

(v) the art of caddying
(n) Yo man, who did you get on your morning loop?

(v) Are you up at the club looping this summer?
by MBJanett May 26, 2008
In internet slang, used for "laughing out of politeness". It is used as a substitute for "lol" when a person is not in fact "laughing out loud"
<crazy-boi-666> liek z0mg!!! y did teh chiken cros teh rode?....2 g3t 2 teh ova s1de!!! lolZ!!
<pwn-u-4ll>loop. 0_o
by asboans December 17, 2006
poop that is a stage beyond diareaha with less chunks (very smooth)when shit out it will form a puddle instead of a log.
and when sets looks and feels like playdoe.
'Yo, look at the puddle of cat loop behind Ricks chair." ( Jamie says to ugly bitch)" EAT THAT LOOP "
by rizzandy May 15, 2007
(in table tennis ): a quick, aggresive, and powerful stroke used to generate a tremendous amount of topspin on the ball. The forehand loop stroke usually starts from behind your right knee if you're right-handed (your left knee if your left-handed) and finishes over your head.
That player has a killer forehand loop!

I served the ball short, but he looped it right back at me!
by "Loc Star" November 01, 2005
an abbreviation of the name of the bad-ass mc of the westminsta kru massiv.
'yo watch out its loop'
by Loop (Yik) February 23, 2005
LOOP consists of lou and scoop who together become the continuously fab duo, out to change the prospects of life for our generation for the fabness of all people... ne questions please direct at loopproductions@hotmail.co.uk
scoop: when was LOOP born again??
Lou: 8th october 2004
Scoop: Fab
Lou: Defo
by Lou&Scoop(LOOP) April 07, 2005

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