In various arcade shoot em up games (such as Gradius), when you beat the game, it allows you to start over at the beginning of the game after viewing the credits. You keep the score you had when you beat the game, but the enemies in the levels become harder and the game becomes more difficult. This is called a loop. The game starts on loop 1 and when you beat the game it goes to loop 2 with higher difficulty and when you beat it again you start over with an even higher difficuly setting at loop 3 and so on.
"I got to loop 132 and died." :(
by vicvipermkIV September 08, 2004
To jerk outside for practice
We loop everyday and get better each time.
We gotta loop if we want to be the best!
by blackmagic012 January 08, 2010
1. In computer programming languages, a loop is used to repeat a segment of code.
2. Use to signify a lasso or other circular object.
3. Use to signify a train loop, bus loop, loop de loop, etc...
4. Repetition.
5. Capture.
1. do{ print("haha") }while(true);
3. "Wow, that roller coaster took the loop fast."
4. For an example, see loop :P
5. We looped them up and sent them away. See also: rounded
by boingat January 16, 2005
another name for PCP
Let's go hit some Loop
by SmackAHoe July 27, 2003
1. when something is mentioned more than once during a conversation as if it were the first time.
2. similar to deja vu, when the same conversation plays out again in the same way during the day
He kept asking me if i knew he was going up north to see his friends, he looped a few times during our conversation.
by savejina September 19, 2009
Another name for Fruit Loops which is a frickin awesome cereal
man i gotta get me some loops
by missourimaniac February 20, 2005

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