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the act of surfing the internet while seated upon the toilet.
with my new tablet computer, its much easier to do some skidding than with the old desktop.
#surfing #fap #texting #snurfing #wiping
by malerocket December 04, 2010
An abbreviation of "just kidding," you say it after you have said something offensive/false and need to cover up your rudeness or stupidity
"Wow, that girl is so fine"
"Bro I hope you're skidding"

"You ugly. Skidding!"
#joke #humor #roflmao #funny #lol #lie
by mcmanpdx December 17, 2009
short for just kidding. when you don't want to say just kidding, but you are being sarcastic - as if the person doesn't already know your kidding. can also be a quick way to backtrack when you realize you may have crossed the line.
Joe: You look like pooh.

Fran: ?????

Joe: skidding!!!
#just kidding #poo #sarcasm #jokester #joking #kidder
by Trayle October 24, 2010
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