Loner is someone who very well can be extremely extrovert.

Someone who can have a lot of so called friends, out of which 90% doesn't have anything better to do except gamble, drink, and waste time this wonderful Universe presented us with. That loner despises herd mentality which is basis of contemporary world and its everyday happenings.

That loner, high intelligent as he is, and realizing that man is measure of all things, can downgrade himself to the level of fools and idiots, but he feels lousy afterward, because after all he is above good and bad and all subjective truths, especially spoken by his superficial and shallow-minded so called "friends".

He has real friends, but they have life besides him, like he does. He has a lot of them, yet they have a lot of their obligations and enjoyments instead of plain coffee drinking, conspicuous alcohol consumption, card, slot and roulette playing, gossiping, and all of the vices, his so called "friends" are engrossed in every day, waiting salvation to come, something to change.

These pseudo-friends are not culprits for his decision to become loner, voluntary outcast and social misfit, because they just make statistical majority of population, they are that background noise that mars music and fills Universe. They are here for artisan to create, for flower to flourish. He has arisen amongst them like rose in dirt, like massive supernova amid plain sun-like stars, "existenz" that does not need the Other to approve of it, just because He is.

On some subconscious, deeply hidden level, he feels grateful for that immensely funny moments filled with their infinite stupidity and absurdity, senseless discourses and dilemmas about trivial and banal things, that show real nature of Universe itself, presenting him with his freedom. His freedom he deserved watching, perceiving and finally understanding this absurdity and nonsenseless. His innocence he takes for granted, because he didn't ask to be born, yet he doesn't want to die.

Anyway, these mundane enjoyment, our loner left behind, preferring company of his real friends, and "same-level" friends, ones filled with intelligence, reason, advanced morals, leaders not wanted to lead, yet despising more those who follows, wise, silent sages, loners themselves, loving company of the likes, true ├╝bermansch.

Do not sexually underestimate him, diminish his masculinity, because he likes sex, he has sex. More options at sex than most guys he knows. He nails better chicks then they. Yet whether he finds them shallow or unattractive, he leaves them eventually, not being afraid of being alone, not wanting to pay outrageous price for sex: hours of prologue and epilogue that precedes and follows that same coitus, hours filled with utter stupidity and horrifying emptiness. He can live in company of Marcus Aurelius, Epicurus, Epictetus, Diogenes, Socrates, Seneca. History is abundant of his colleagues in the quest of solving riddle of life. Even modern thinkers are his friend, among which the dearest to his heart is the one who said: "Very tall tree is sentenced to live and grow all alone". This dearest friend is Friedrich Nietzsche.
That type of loner, very often is me. Sometimes I succumb to my animal instincts and socialize with "downers" and human animals, non authentic beings, just for the sake of forgetting myself, losing myself in anesthetic laughter. Here, I do not think of my dog, with whom I enjoy running through woods every day I love dearly.
by miroslav.cvetinov September 20, 2008
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Someone that likes being alone, and is happy with what they are. Often called freaks because the general population is too thinkheaded to understand the phrase "leave me the fuck alone"
He's such a loner, for some strange reason he doesn't want to have any friends.
by Broody January 29, 2004
someone who doesn't need other people around them to validate there own existence.
if i cared what they thought, i would talk to them to reinforce their concept of reality.
by Truth Amongst Lies January 02, 2005
There's 2 types of loners. The loser loner and the cool loner. Unfortunately throughout high school and life I fell into the first category not the second.

The one i always wished to be and looked up to was The cool loner, they're the one who does their own thing, dosen't really care what others think, rejects most people yet is looked up to and follows their own lead. Usually ends up popular in some way despite their aversion to popularity in general. They always have the 'cool' people approaching them wanting to be friends yet they prefer to do their own thing. Usually are hated or loved. This kind of person is usually miles ahead of the 'popular people'

Then there's guys like me.. The loser loner. The type of guy who dosen't have good social skills, No confidence and jealous traits. The one who never gets the girl, the money or the friends. The dumb guy who nobody notices. The one who feels invisible around women. The one who nobody wants to spend time with. Known as 'the boring guy', the 'friendless' guy, the invisible man. We have to act out to get attention. We arent lone wolves, we are dependent insecure people who are usally better friends with the teachers and tag-a-long. We were dealt a bad hand in life.
Being a loner isnt a bad thing.
by Sonni Vitale December 27, 2007
This is a person who is always on their own. They prefer their own company and do not make friends easily. They often find solace in books or the internet. They are alone
Why is she always on her own?, she's such a loner
by Natalie August 09, 2004
Basically, a person who likes being alone. Unlike the social attitude that says people who are alone are really unhappy inside, many loners are actually the happiest when they're alone. Rather than finding solace in friends and family, they find solace in things such as video games, Internet, books, etc.

But the main way political beliefs are inputted into people is through being social and associating one's self with others. So unfortunately, many loners tend to have radical beliefs and hold morals that greatly differ from their peers and even their own family. To put it simply, you can find a communist in a family of patriotic Americans or a conservative in a family of liberals.
Grandfather: Women's rights should be the main concern!

Father: Gay marriage should be allowed!

Son: Welfare should be abolished!
by BusinessMan May 01, 2005
A person that tends to enjoy their own company. They are very introversive(meaning they have a harder time making friends.). Though I wouldn't say they are that way because they are socially retard, but they are rather more comfortable being by themselves. With this being said. Loners tend to be the less stressed out over social issues, and tend to be able to solidify, and worry more on their real problems. Contrary to popular belief. Loners do make friends, but tend not to want to hang out in groups. If in a gorup they will just be quiet, and will only say something if they know the subject well enough. Being a loner is what everyone dreams of, but when seeing one. They usually get viewed in a negative light.
I've been a loner due to the fact that the pressures of being within a social discourse community is too vast, and very irritating. People get mad over the dumbest shit, and tend to worry over things that aren't real problems...Like surviving..... I have a few friends, and I pretty much know a lot of people that know me. Though I'm always by myself. I doubt its my fault, but I'm kinda lazy when it comes to trying to make friends anyway... :P
by lordblazer December 05, 2006
A person who actually has alot of self-confidence. They are able to do such things like go and see a movie or a concert alone and aren't concerned about being seen as a "loser" by their fellow human beings.

People are also loners because they prefer their own company and get tired of people asking "why are you so quiet" whenever you actually do mix at a group function. They aren't afraid of silence and don't feel the need to flap their lips with other people simply just to make noise because silences between people is for some reason taboo.

They are also generally calm passive type of people who don't make enemies and get along with everyone. Unfortunately our personality type also makes the best serial killers, we are calm, cool headed, and methodical.
The world needs loners, we aren't freaks, we are the quiet peaceful achievers in society while the loudmouths get the spotlight.

We can mix in groups when we want to but find it forced and unnatural. You'll find we actually have quite strong opinions on matters since we have alot of time to sit and think over issues
by shadey81 August 25, 2008
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