A person who is naturally unsocial and tries hard to hide it in a naturally social world. A person who walks alone, hates being approached, and spends their free time alone. A person is accustomed to being alone. A person compensates their social flaws through arts and sports. You might not be able to spot them right away but within one conversation you'll know who they are. You'll usually find them sitting alone or on their computer. You might mistaken their social awkwardness for retardation. Generally society ignores them but assholes never fuck off. Some people want their attention and will be assholes to get it. People critisize loner calling them depressed, socially unstable, or pretentious. But they are simply people who feel more comfortable by themselves because they have nothing to say. Loners are not boring,you'll find a bestfriend in one if you take the time to get to know one.
So, what are you going to do this weekend?

The mall

With who?

By myself

Wow you have no life get some friends loner
by kijhg March 19, 2013
someone who does not know what it is like to actually have woman love them, they constantly masturbate to porn
AtecsN is such a loner
by nigger_123 April 04, 2014
A "Loner" is a perfectly good Boner, with nobody around to enjoy it but yourself.
When Jessy went to work I was left wit.h a raging Loner
by NorwegianWood October 31, 2011
Getting a boner while longboarding
Blake got a loner after longboarding down Farmington Canyon.
by SGT MAJOR BAMF June 06, 2011
A loner is someone who has no friends but doesnt even care. In fact he/she doesnt mind being alone, that person probably does feel lonely but is so unsocial that they probably cant remember how to make friends. So they would rather stay alone because... I dont know it seems better that way. I guess but I dont really understand why they would rather stay alone.
Very depressing.
''I saw a kid inside a classroom, he appeared to be reading a book'' my friend told.

''how sad!'' I felt really bad for him, he was always by himself

''I know, I understand why he does since since he always gets bullied by the popular kids. So I guess it makes sense''

''I know he always gets teased for being a 'loner' but with all the drama going on in highschool, can you blame him?''

''Thats so sad''
by ThatAverageGirl October 08, 2012
A person with no friends, A person who wishes to be left alone
Person 1:"Look at the loner over there hasn't he got any friends"?,

Person 2: "I tried to make friends with him yesterday but he comes across as a weirdo so I'm staying away

"They say the kid that shot up the school was a loner with no friends and was picked on most of his schooling life
by Harry69 April 19, 2011

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