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Someone who keeps themselves to themselves, generally ignoring other people. Just as asexual = without sex, asocial = without socilisation. These asocial people tend to be on the autistic spectrum. They are perfectly healthy, they'd just rather not socialize and frankly, judging from the behaviour of a lot of students at school, I can't say I blame them. The asocial individual DOES NOT commit anti-social behaviour. They just ignore everybody.

Not to be confused with antisocial
They called Tom anti-social but in actual fact, he was just asocial. He didn't hurt a fly, he just wasn't that interested in people.
#asocial #social #aspie #asperger's #autistic #autism #autisic spectrum #anti-social
by Walking Talking Dictionary October 22, 2006
when you pop outside with a few friends for a fag or two
"Right lads, anyone for a social?"
#social #fag #toke #drag #puff
by Ben Reilly September 22, 2008
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