A person who prefers to be by themself. Usually of low self-confidence resulting from severe depression. May have had a hard up bringing. Never fit into a social group (i.e. Preppie, punk, goth, jock, etc.) Not influenced by trends or fads. Has more original likes/dislikes than the common over commercialized asshole running around. Likes things that require INTELLIGENCE to understand. Many would like to have social lives but are rejected by ignorant assholes that don't realize these people actually have feelings, thus putting the loner back even further in social development. Many times called a "psycho" or a "retard", when they're probably the smartest or sanest person in the room!
The loner is the one that doesn't get invited to the bar after work.
by cweltsch October 12, 2006
Something I somewhat enjoy being as it means I can do my own thing, spend my time doing something I actually enjoy, and I'm not pressured to do what others want me to do.
Being a loner is OK.
by HellloKiity February 07, 2008
Someone who often is alone. They usually have a few friends to no friends. Some people might take this as being stuck up but the loner just doesn't feel the need to reinforce the social feeling. But commonly there are places where a loner can feel more open becuase of the people around them or the setting (a particular classroom, or a person which they feel comfortable with, etc.) Most loners, if put in big groups by bosses, teachers, freinds, or even family, will often be quiet, has short answers, just stares off in nothing, or analyzes everyone's reactions and bodylanguage.

They rarely have a boyfriend or girlfriend because they don't flirt, don't talk much, or give any social effort, as I said earlier. And that pretty much doesn't give the opposite sex any sign of interest consequently not getting asked out, and if they do get asked out they usually get asked out by someone who doesn't know them(loners are picky about who they let in their personal lives) and the guys they do like don't feel the need to flirt anymore becuase there was nothing coming from the loner.
guy: damn that girl is fine, doesn't she go to our school?
guy 2: yeah, I bet she has a boyfriend.
guy 3: no, she's a loner.

preppy girl: why is he so quiet, what is his problem?
preppy girl 2: lyk yeah, he's soo weird...
by heyhihello January 13, 2007
A loner is a person who doesn't need any friends but often feels like he or she should because it's "normal" by the standards set arount him/her. Any social contact feels like a burden and is likely to be avoided at any time. A loner is not an asocial character and can be very entertaining in a group he or she feels comfortable in. The loner is very picky in his or her friends and does not trust people very easily, the people that he or she trusts are often liftime companions and are often the best of friends a person can have.
At work a loner is not always looked at as an loner as long as he or she is feeling happy about his or her job and often communicates with others very easily. The only problem comes to mind when those he or she works with want to become a social figure outside the work area, the loner usualy avoids contacts outside the work area.
When a loner finds a companion he or she loves intimate that person becomes a trustee and the loner tries to hold on to this relationship as long as possible.
My life as a Loner.
In my life so far I only felt in love once (im 28 right now) I met her at my job during the holidays, it was very hard for me to make contact with her. I was so afraid she would not like me and before I made any move whatsoever I needed to now if she liked me too. Luckily for me we had time to get to know each other and my selfconfidence grew by the days we worked together. One particular day I found the courage and asked her out for a date, she accepted and that led to a 3 year relationship.
We broke up 3 years ago and I felt betrayed and still feel like this to this day, but in my hart I know it's just me who's in the wrong.
by MKCoev February 23, 2008
Someone who spends the majority of their time alone. They may have friends, but they just don't get into contact with them much. Loners are the type of people to hang by themselves with the computer and surf the internet, or picking up a good urban fiction novel and fantasize to those steamy sex parts. Usually shy and soft-spoken, loners are usually one-of-a-kind and have many hidden talents. Get to know one and you'll have a real friend in the making.
I'm a loner. It's pretty cool when you don't attract much attention. You're free and on your own. Who cares what people think? I have no one to worry about but myself!
by TheSpectacularOne June 02, 2009
A loner is just a person that wants to be left the fuck alone and likes his/her space. So don't mess with them.
goth peopleq and quiet people and ofter loners.
by pyro4096 May 05, 2007
Someone who is introverted and has little or no friends and likes to be by himself.They can be just either introverted and just feel happier being by themself OR actually be depressed and laughed at etc. Loners are often considered to be "cool" and "rebellious" in the media and stuff, but real loners are often picked on or ignored and treated like shit and alot of people would NEVER want to be the REAL loner.
I am a loner because I have few friends, don't socialize, play video games and surf the net every day and wasting my time defining loner on Urban Dictionary. I am a loner.
by G_loser September 08, 2007

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