A person who is different by society, but is normal like everyone else. They prefer to be alone, but are just as smart as everyone else. They just prefer to be left is solitude.

1. A person who is unique and doesn't fit into any groups. (ex. punk, goth, cheerleader, jock, d***head, ect.) They are simply their own.

2. A person who society has labeled "unworthy of attention" or "different" or "retarded", when they are none. But they might not get happiness from society for turning them into freaks, leaving them friendless.

3) Someone who is wanted by everyone, but doesn't want to have to meet the excpectations.

If you see a loner, don't be a retard and make fun of them. Infact, you might be one yourself.
1. See that kid over there? He's cool, but he's a loner.

2. Haha, what are retarded loner, ooh he has a weird band shirt on! Let's beat him up!

3. Man, I would do ANYTHING to be his friend. Too bad he's a loner...

I'm a loner by society. Society can't take the fact that I am just myself. Screw society.
by Jinjondo June 15, 2011
A loner is someone who becomes one by way of personal experiences that have distanced them from people, preferably by choice. They are likely to be shy and soft-spoken. They enjoy loneliness and anything that's considered a one-person hobby such as video games, Internet & books rather than finding solace in people. They do their own thing, don't really care what others think of them & usually have no interest in pursuing intimate relations with anyone they like of the opposite sex; they prefer platonic connections.

Occasionally, a loner will make friends despite their aversion to people in general. They're the happiest when they're alone, yet they make time to socialize with the friends they have & make new friends. However, they somewhat oppose hanging out in groups; they will be mostly quiet unless they know something that's related to an ongoing conversation. They take interest in things that require intelligence to understand, which can make them successful in the hard sciences, like computer science and engineering. This can lead to nerdy tendencies, which may make the loner appear to be a lonerd, a nerdy loner.

A loner is often misjudged by others who see them as lame, arrogant, weak or just plain weird. Despite that, they tend to concern themselves with their real problems instead of social ones. They are seen as one-of-a-kind and have many hidden talents. Get to know one and you will have a real friend in the making, and, in some cases, an intimate relationship.
I am proud to be a loner, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
by ChosenOne9835 July 02, 2009
A loner is a leader who doesn't want to be followed.
Loners find their own solutions by taking their own advice, not other people's.
by Ice Warrier July 03, 2012
a loner is a smart person that likes to be left alone and or dosnt like the so called friends she or he has most of the time loners are left out because her or his friends changed and dont like the fact that he or she didnt!!
a loner is left out because her or his friends always wants attention and is annoying and her friend dont want to be around her or him so they leave the group that she or he use to hang out with and the other ppl in the group stay with the annoying and attention wantes because she or he is considered "cool" so the one that went away fromj what bothers her or him becomes a loner cuz she is not a falower!!!
by Patisha November 02, 2007
The Loner is a quiet creature. It has no one natural habitat, but is found usually on its own in a quiet place. The Loner is a solitary creature; the human counterpart to the Lone Wolf. Loners are subtle and charming, however they usually tend to be single simply because being a Loner mostly means that one does not have the care for another person or a group of friends. The Loner is rarely seen with more than 3 people at any time unless at a concert, dance, or other social gathering. Loners are usually very kind, as what small amounts of contact they have with others means a lot to them. The Loner doesn't rely on other people to define their existance. Things like school drama pose little more than entertainment to the Loner. Loners don't rely on others, and as a result are completely self-sufficient and know how to not look like a friendless loser when confronted with a situation with no friends around. Loners can be one's lifelong friend, voice of reason, and an all-around great person if someone took the few seconds and tried to be worthy of a Loner's precious time.
Cass: "Ooh, look, it's Chris...He's a bit of a Loner, don't you think?
Jen: "I think his way of doing his own thing makes him seem deep and not so average-douchebagish.."

Chris: *Keeps walking, totally keeping swag and solitude to the max, flashing a charming smile* "Hey."
by Bass_Drop_Biatch October 27, 2011
One who is probably super intelligent but doesn't want anyone to know that.

Someone people call weird because they didn't give the loner a chance to get to know them.

Someone who keeps to themselves, doesn't like conflict, but could kick ass if needed.

Someone that no one really knows except a rare few.

Social when needed and usually very talkative.

A person who's been backstabbed way too many times.

Staying away so no one will get mad or jealous that she smiled and misunderstood it as being "flirting."

Someone who prefers being alone, or with few important people in their life, it's by choice. Less drama.

Small circles, chosen few, anti conflicts, kick ass, less drama.

Someone of these traits could constitute as "loner."
Hey look at her, she's such a loner!

Happy loner!
by lonerstatus March 19, 2013
A loner finds comfort driving, walking and shopping alone. They do not do well with groups as they are not two faced. They find hooking up with others and setting a timeline to meet can become aggravating. They can become impatient with others. They are thinkers and love to solve problems and make improvements. They love laying out in the sun and just daydream. They may love to sit out and fish but become sad when they see the catch struggling. The loner is always watching, listening and thinking. If they sit alone they do not sit with their back to the door. A loner studies life around them and loves the simple things in life. A loner loves the wind, rain, sun and clouds grasping every season with open arms. A loner has zero tolerance for negative uppity people. A loner loves people that have a good sense of humor without being mean or obnoxious. A loner is a loner by choice as they have a inner clock that may suddenly tell them to switch gears and they have learned to listen to their feelings, not doing so they may become agitated. A loner loves their pets as they are much like her....independent!
A loner walks alone, observing, independent and loves life.
by tunie July 09, 2013

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