someone who is isolated from others.sometimes self imposed,other times not
there's actually freedom in being a loner if you approach it the right way.you can do whatever you want (within reason,of course) and if you come to the realization that you are a loner,then there's no mystery if people are going to like you.enjoy your life and let everyone else worry about living up to
some image.after my last girlfriend broke up with me,i felt free for some reason.sure,i loved my ex,but i didn't HAVE to be friends with her friends,i
didn't have to talk to people she knew,but i didn't like.i didn't have to justify why i liked this music or watched that tv show.or why i had the job i had.

people don't like me? so what! i've been dealing with that since elementary school.if you make friends along the way,cool,but live your life the way
you want.the WORST thing is to have regrets about not being what you wanted to be in life.plus your life is how you design it.you put yourself in good situations,
then logically good things will happen.you hang around bad people and situations,then yeah,bad things tend to happen.and it doesn't matter if you're a loner or not.
by satan is my bitch October 27, 2008
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Someone who see the people in this world and knows they're fucked up, therefore avoiding interaction with them.
Why loner:

Just look around the internet and you will see what i mean. They were those people who used to be my friends when we were kids but it's sad to see what they have becomed now.
by exzau2 May 29, 2009
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A loner is someone who becomes one by way of personal experiences that have distanced them from people, preferably by choice. They are likely to be shy and soft-spoken. They enjoy loneliness and anything that's considered a one-person hobby such as video games, Internet & books rather than finding solace in people. They do their own thing, don't really care what others think of them & usually have no interest in pursuing intimate relations with anyone they like of the opposite sex; they prefer platonic connections.

Occasionally, a loner will make friends despite their aversion to people in general. They're the happiest when they're alone, yet they make time to socialize with the friends they have & make new friends. However, they somewhat oppose hanging out in groups; they will be mostly quiet unless they know something that's related to an ongoing conversation. They take interest in things that require intelligence to understand, which can make them successful in the hard sciences, like computer science and engineering. This can lead to nerdy tendencies, which may make the loner appear to be a lonerd, a nerdy loner.

A loner is often misjudged by others who see them as lame, arrogant, weak or just plain weird. Despite that, they tend to concern themselves with their real problems instead of social ones. They are seen as one-of-a-kind and have many hidden talents. Get to know one and you will have a real friend in the making, and, in some cases, an intimate relationship.
I am proud to be a loner, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
by ChosenOne9835 July 02, 2009
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There are three types of loners:
1. A person who doesn't know how to connect with others, verbally, or physically, even though they may want to. This is either due to lack of skills, mental social deficiency, or anxiety. The causes of which are myriad.
2. A person who does know how to connect with others, but chooses not to because they view people as either victims or prey. A predator usually operates best alone in the human environment.
3. A person who knows how to connect with others, but others do not know how to reciprocate. This type of person is usually very gifted intellectually and they understand and even take for granted many concepts,social que's,and knowledge as being "common" and "understood." This accelerated comprehension is beyond the others ability to keep pace and scope, so they lose interest. The "loner" here is not attempting to be offputting, they are simple comprehending the world through their mind, as the other is through their mind. Neither is wrong, or even better. It is simply a matter of their being fewer highly intelligent people, therefore making it difficult for them to connect with others. This type of loner is the saddest, because they have so much to offer, but no one can hear them.
Example of 1. A quiet lady who comes into a bar alone, sits down and orders a drink. She allows others to talk to her, but doesn't know what, when or how to say what they want to express. Unclearness regarding the boundaries and potential reactions of the other is at the root of the silence.
Example of 2. A quiet male enters a bar and sits innocuously in the corner, with a low profile and makes no attempt to stand out in any way. They usually pick a strategically advantageous place to watch and listen to the goings on others. He will be seen regularly and will be known as very polite, quiet and easygoing. He identifies targets based on whatever is driving his predatory instinct. He then begins to work on a plan to carry out his attack. They are often the last person anyone would suspect, they have no friends, and they don't talk about themselves at all, beyond the cursory, which is why these types are so very difficult for law enforcement to catch.
Example 3. A man comes into a bar, he smiles and readily strikes up conversations with others. Within a few minutes the other begins to feel a sense of being "lost" in the conversation. There is a feeling of disconnect. Within a few more minutes the man is left to himself. This cycle will repeat itself unless he becomes intoxicated, then much of the intellect is short circuited and some connectivity can occur. This type of person can eventually become a type 1 loner because they are at a loss of exactly how to socially communicate more effectively, and so lose interest. Ironically this is due to the difficulty of it. A loose analogy would be how adult people lose interest in talking to children about adult topics and more often vice-versa. The IQ distance can be as great as a five year old talking to a twenty something, except everyone in this situation, everyone is an adult.
by eloopmas October 05, 2007
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A person who prefers to be by themself. Usually of low self-confidence resulting from severe depression. May have had a hard up bringing. Never fit into a social group (i.e. Preppie, punk, goth, jock, etc.) Not influenced by trends or fads. Has more original likes/dislikes than the common over commercialized asshole running around. Likes things that require INTELLIGENCE to understand. Many would like to have social lives but are rejected by ignorant assholes that don't realize these people actually have feelings, thus putting the loner back even further in social development. Many times called a "psycho" or a "retard", when they're probably the smartest or sanest person in the room!
The loner is the one that doesn't get invited to the bar after work.
by cweltsch October 12, 2006
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Loner is someone who very well can be extremely extrovert.

Someone who can have a lot of so called friends, out of which 90% doesn't have anything better to do except gamble, drink, and waste time this wonderful Universe presented us with. That loner despises herd mentality which is basis of contemporary world and its everyday happenings.

That loner, high intelligent as he is, and realizing that man is measure of all things, can downgrade himself to the level of fools and idiots, but he feels lousy afterward, because after all he is above good and bad and all subjective truths, especially spoken by his superficial and shallow-minded so called "friends".

He has real friends, but they have life besides him, like he does. He has a lot of them, yet they have a lot of their obligations and enjoyments instead of plain coffee drinking, conspicuous alcohol consumption, card, slot and roulette playing, gossiping, and all of the vices, his so called "friends" are engrossed in every day, waiting salvation to come, something to change.

These pseudo-friends are not culprits for his decision to become loner, voluntary outcast and social misfit, because they just make statistical majority of population, they are that background noise that mars music and fills Universe. They are here for artisan to create, for flower to flourish. He has arisen amongst them like rose in dirt, like massive supernova amid plain sun-like stars, "existenz" that does not need the Other to approve of it, just because He is.

On some subconscious, deeply hidden level, he feels grateful for that immensely funny moments filled with their infinite stupidity and absurdity, senseless discourses and dilemmas about trivial and banal things, that show real nature of Universe itself, presenting him with his freedom. His freedom he deserved watching, perceiving and finally understanding this absurdity and nonsenseless. His innocence he takes for granted, because he didn't ask to be born, yet he doesn't want to die.

Anyway, these mundane enjoyment, our loner left behind, preferring company of his real friends, and "same-level" friends, ones filled with intelligence, reason, advanced morals, leaders not wanted to lead, yet despising more those who follows, wise, silent sages, loners themselves, loving company of the likes, true übermansch.

Do not sexually underestimate him, diminish his masculinity, because he likes sex, he has sex. More options at sex than most guys he knows. He nails better chicks then they. Yet whether he finds them shallow or unattractive, he leaves them eventually, not being afraid of being alone, not wanting to pay outrageous price for sex: hours of prologue and epilogue that precedes and follows that same coitus, hours filled with utter stupidity and horrifying emptiness. He can live in company of Marcus Aurelius, Epicurus, Epictetus, Diogenes, Socrates, Seneca. History is abundant of his colleagues in the quest of solving riddle of life. Even modern thinkers are his friend, among which the dearest to his heart is the one who said: "Very tall tree is sentenced to live and grow all alone". This dearest friend is Friedrich Nietzsche.
That type of loner, very often is me. Sometimes I succumb to my animal instincts and socialize with "downers" and human animals, non authentic beings, just for the sake of forgetting myself, losing myself in anesthetic laughter. Here, I do not think of my dog, with whom I enjoy running through woods every day I love dearly.
by miroslav.cvetinov September 20, 2008
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Someone who would rather be alone then with others, but this doesn't bother them, in fact they like it. It gives then time to be themselves, without having to worry about being judged by others. They may not talk the most, but when you just give them a chance they can be a friend that will never leave your side, especially when you need them the most.
hey look at that kid in the corner sitting by himself, he's such a loner
by Blinkerrr April 12, 2015
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