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A message or other item sent in order to make the recipient lol. Like a candy gram, but with lolz instead of candy.
Oh my God, did you hear Cathy's iguana died? We should send her a lologram to cheer her up.

Why so angry? Does somebody need a lologram?

Chill out dude! Your eyebrows will grow back. I was just trying to give you a lologram.
by The Goddamn Kid March 26, 2008
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when you lol so much you become visually impared and things begin to look a bit like holograms.
jamie licked my finger... lologram!
by hooshlag December 28, 2009
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if you want to rate something's funniness out of ten, you simply use the lologram! LOLOGRAM!
well i'm afraid i'll have to consult the LOLOGRAM on that one!
by lolgirl November 01, 2007
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When many people say "lol" at one time.
1: It's a lologram
by InternationalOralSex November 29, 2013
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