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large lizard that eats mostly leaves and fruits in the wild
scott has a 3 foot iguana
by mason washauer May 13, 2004
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Rulers of the planet Pluto.
I have an imaginary pet iguana called Frank.
by Abi November 28, 2004
A green tropical lizard that mainly eats leaves and fruits. They also can be kept as pets. They can grow to be over six feet long. They are reptiles and are cold blooded.
My pet iguana is named Meeber.
by Nitro racer June 28, 2007
iguana (ĭ-gwä'nə) n.:
1. An older gentleman that prowls the nightclubs and bars for significantly younger prey.

2. The male version of a cougar.
Heyyy gurrrl...don't look now, but that slimy iguana over there is undressing you with his eyes. Honey, it looks like you'll be getting free drinks all night!
by Rycher007 December 10, 2008
The act of gently pulling or touching an other individual's double chin.

It also refers to a person who has a double chin.
Ron iguana-ed Raj
by :) the_RAH_the :) December 27, 2014
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