Laughing out loud obviously. Similar to lol , however lolo has a more condescending connotation. Used in situations where a response of lol is expected.
Person 1: It's wonderful what you can find in your pockets after a rough night.

Person 2: lolo
by Facebookcreeperz July 26, 2011
Crazy Rappers cars with the bouncing suspension. See 'Still Dre' Music Video, Dre and Snoop rapping whilst the LoLo's are bouncing like the shit in the background.

"Grab the LoLo brother, we'll drive by an' put a cap in his ass"
by Anton Birdski June 11, 2003
laugh out loud orange
by kiyeve October 29, 2010
a complete dumb retard who laughs at anything. Usualy they are brain dead blondes who dress like slores.
ROB: yo u are such a LoLo
kelly: omg lol u are hilarious, thats sooo nice.
by doe97531 January 06, 2012
A)A nickname. Usually for a girl. Shortened versions of Lauren, Deloris, Chloe, and many other names.

B)The best girlfriend in the world.

C) An extremely hot chick with a beautiful smile and an adorable laugh.
A) "Hey Chloe."
"Actually I go by Lolo"

B) "Your new gf seems nice."
"My girlfriend is a total Lolo"

C. "Check out that Lolo"
"Oh, I'd hit that."
by ilovechloep April 24, 2009
Lolo means to pamper or pet in the Ibani language of the Kingdom of Bonny in Rivers State, Nigeria, West Africa.
Pamper your child: lolo your child
by Lolo July 31, 2004
lolo is a word from the hawaiian dialect pidgon, it means sum1 who wud b 'very happy 2 giv u the time of day if he knew how to read a clock'
'yo man, dat dude iz lolo'
by magill son August 14, 2003

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