Lowriders - Lowered cars driven by pimps and ganstas.
Still hitin' them corners in them Lolos, Girl.
by Ghurt March 07, 2005
French slang for "breasts."
Look at those huge lolos on that French babe!
by Mark H August 20, 2004
something you would say when you really dont care
samantha: my mom mugged me D:
taylor juwig: lol o
samantha: :|
taylor juwig: ugh
by adam juwig November 15, 2008
(Trinidad Slang)
'ah go give it some hard lo lo'
by Brazdville November 03, 2009
(interj.) An obnoxious way to express laughter while alluding to YOLO.
Billy: I hold it down like a paper clip, boii
by mastercrunch January 23, 2013
Laughing Out Loud Obnoxiously. Started off as an accident by typing an extra "o" when trying to type "lol" and turned into the meaning laughing out loud obnoxiously.
Friend 1: *tells joke*
Friend 2: lolo, that's great!
Friend 1: lolo? what's that mean?
Friend 2: uhhh, laughing out loud obnoxiously?
by jrz2037 November 30, 2011
I saw that... *Lolos*
by Lolos April 13, 2013

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