Laughing Out Loud Obnoxiously. Started off as an accident by typing an extra "o" when trying to type "lol" and turned into the meaning laughing out loud obnoxiously.
Friend 1: *tells joke*
Friend 2: lolo, that's great!
Friend 1: lolo? what's that mean?
Friend 2: uhhh, laughing out loud obnoxiously?
by jrz2037 November 30, 2011
DOWN LOW / dont tell nobody, between you & me
KEEP it on the lo lo
by Paulo G June 21, 2007
A really small town in Montana, about 8 miles outside of Missoula.
Lolo, Montana has a population of about 4,000 people.
by squirreleater December 05, 2006
Mexican for cray cray.
Damn, that Norteño was lo lo!
by edmundsalvacion February 09, 2009
a ghetto word for Sunglasses
Man i'm bout to hit up da mall and get sum new lo lo's
by Jaqailah April 10, 2006
Like lol but with more effect.

Can be combined with other words.
by rent_head April 14, 2010
Laughing out loud obviously. Similar to lol , however lolo has a more condescending connotation. Used in situations where a response of lol is expected.
Person 1: It's wonderful what you can find in your pockets after a rough night.

Person 2: lolo
by Facebookcreeperz July 26, 2011

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